Office Tour


From our friendly smiles at the reception desk to the stylish furniture in the lobby, we want you to be comfortable.


TMI has its meeting rooms on the 22nd and 23rd floors of the celebrated Roppongi Hills Mori Tower. As you walk along the corridor with its curved walls, you’ll notice that, because of the design, you’ll have a different impression depending on the direction you’re heading. This unique atmosphere is not what you would expect at a conventional law firm, but, in line with TMI’s corporate philosophy, we “always aim to be a unique law firm”.

Meeting rooms

These meeting rooms are where we hold our discussions with clients. Some rooms are equipped with video conferencing systems for real-time meetings with clients located anywhere in the world, and there is also a Chinese-style room and a room located next to a lounge. This allows TMI to be ready to meet all the requirements of a particular meeting, whatever they are.

Conference & Seminar rooms

We have large meeting rooms located on the 22nd and 23rd floors, respectively. The seminar room on the 22nd floor is used primarily for seminars and lectures hosted by TMI and has a maximum capacity of 150 people. We welcome our clients and guests to this room which utilizes state of the art audio equipment. We also use this room for our weekly meetings in which all attorneys and patent attorneys of the firm participate. Its large area symbolizes the spirit of TMI – we have an active policy of emphasizing communication, both inside and outside of the firm.

Mock Courtroom

We have a mock courtroom for holding mock trials on the 22nd floor, so that our clients can fully prepare for actual trials. We can also utilize this room for meetings by moving the visitors’ gallery.


The library at TMI is at the heart of TMI’s superior legal knowledge. An important feature of our library is our librarians who are able to easily find the information that attorneys need in order to be able to continue to provide the speedy and high-quality legal services on which we pride ourselves at TMI. This is one of the secrets of our success.

Attorney's office

Here are the office areas for attorneys and patent attorneys. This layout creates an excellent working environment for concentrating on work as well as to naturally exchange information or engage in discussions with fellow colleagues. It is here that TMI’s excellent and innovative legal services are created to the highest satisfaction of our clients.

Staff's office

Here are the desks of the paralegals, secretaries, translators and other staff, surrounded by large windows enabling excellent views and plenty of natural sunlight. This comfortable work environment promotes efficient teamwork between staff and attorneys, which strengthens TMI’s ability to find the best solutions for our clients.