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Brazil’s abundant natural resources and growing population are expected to help boost the country’s further growth. However, the geographical distance between Japan and Brazil as well as language and business practice differences make it extremely difficult for Japanese companies to learn about Brazil’s legal information and practice.

Despite this challenging situation, our South America Practice Group focused its attention on Brazil’s potential and TMI became the only Japanese law firm to station an attorney at Brazil on a long-term assignment since 2012. TMI has since offered prompt and precise legal services concerning Brazilian law.

We also provide clients with access to legal services in other South American countries.

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Yoshiyasu Yamaguchi
Yoshiyasu Yamaguchi
For 20 years or more, Yoshiyasu has continued to support Brazilian companies operating in Japan. Recently, he has enhanced the support provided to Japanese companies in Brazil in collaboration with our local lawyer, Kengo Kashiwa. He also actively advises on legal issues involving both Japan and Brazil. Moreover, he will strive to establish a legal network of Latin American countries starting with Brazil.
Kentaro Toda
Kentaro Toda
Kentaro has extensive knowledge to support the business of Japanese companies in Brazil, Mexico and other South American countries via the network of local law firms in South American countries in collaboration with local law firms. In particular, he has extensive experience in collaborating with local law firms in South America in the fields of competition laws and internatinal trade.

The South American Practice Group’s strength is demonstrated by the fact that an attorney, who is a long-term resident of Brazil, is in charge of the Brazil Desk and has access to a network of law firms in Brazil as well as neighboring countries, which can only be built by local Japanese resident attorneys.
TMI takes pride in delivering high quality legal services to our clients. No other law firm can offer up-to-date information on Brazilian law while being located in Tokyo and advise on Brazilian legal issues in close collaboration with a local office.

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