Chinese Service

Outline of Services

Aiming at the realization of the concept of “Globalization and adaptation to a new age, becoming a further borderless world,” TMI Associates has been providing Chinese legal services since its establishment in 1990. In order to meet the needs of our Japanese clients for investment in China, we provide our Japanese clients nowadays with comprehensive services related to Chinese business, such new entry to the Chinese market, establishment of compliance frameworks for local companies, business restructuring, negotiations with local associated companies, business partners, and public agencies, and settlement of legal issues, utilizing our know-how accumulated over 20 years since then. We have provided our services for every field of corporate legal matters such as direct investment, international trade, M&A, business restructuring, intellectual property rights, anti-monopoly filing, labor disputes, and arbitrations and lawsuits related to the above.
We are also exerting efforts to provide Chinese companies, which have recently been increasing investment in Japan, Chinese-founded Japanese companies and Chinese government bodies in Japan with our legal services.

Professional Team

Our Chinese Service Group consists of more than a dozen of Japanese and Chinese lawyers, and approximately 10 members of specialized staff, who, fluent in Japanese, Chinese and English, have been engaged in the Japanese and Chinese legal practices for many years and are well acquainted with both Japanese and Chinese laws.
We have established a structure that enables us to provide comprehensive legal services, which meet our clients’ needs, from the viewpoint of both Japanese and Chinese laws.

Overseas Base and Network

We are establishing a system that allows us to respond promptly to all our clients’ requests, to smoothly handle cross-border cases between Japan and China through the Chinese Service Group in our Tokyo office, Shanghai office (established in 1998) and Beijing office (established in 2012) and to closely coordinate with leading law firms in the Greater China territory including Hong Kong and Taiwan as well as an extensive network of government bodies, accounting firms and others throughout China.

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