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Indonesia is the largest democratic country in Southeast Asia, with a population of approximately 260 million. Muslims account for over 80% of the population. In recent years, legislation restricting foreign companies’ business activities has been frequently amended and the country’s legal framework is far from established. Since November 2012, TMI has transferred attorneys to a leading law firm in Jakarta to gain knowledge of Indonesia’s legal system. By closely working with this law firm in Indonesia, TMI is best positioned to offer exceptional legal services to its clients.
(* Data correct as of 2018.)

Secondee in Indonesia

Member Attorneys

Eisuke Saito
Attorney, Japan
Eisuke Saito

Eisuke is assigned to the leading Indonesian law firm, Mochtar Karuwin Komar. He works with local attorneys and supports Japanese clients in their operations in Indonesia. It is not easy to do business in Indonesia as its law is changed rapidly, and Eisuke is firmly committed to offering advice to his Japanese clients to help reduce the legal risks they may face.

Guide to Our Legal Practice

■ Investment support provided from Japan
Investigations of foreign capital restrictions, incorporation, due diligence, business acquisition through share transfers or other means, finance, filings required under competition law, etc.

■ Support provided locally to businesses operating in Indonesia
Contract preparations, debt collection, labor management, compliance (policy making, fraud investigations, etc.), industry law, withdrawal from the Indonesian market, etc.

Access / Contact Information

Name Mochtar Karuwin Komar
Address 14th Floor WTC 6, Kav. 31 Jl. Jend. Sudirman, Jakarta 12920 Indonesia
Telephone +62-(0)21-571-1130
Facsimile +62-(0)21-571-1162
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