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Myanmar is known as Asia’s last frontier for investment. Its population of nearly 60 million, its national characteristic of being hard working and its higher literacy rate are all expected to contribute to the country’s future economic success. TMI was the first law firm in Japan to open an office in Myanmar in 2012, shortly after political reforms had taken place in the country.

Myanmar’s investment framework has undergone a significant transformation, including the implementation of a new investment law in the spring of 2017 and the enactment of a new companies law on August, 1, 2018. Leveraging its extensive experience in Myanmar and a legal team of Japanese and Myanmarese attorneys, TMI’s Yangon Office supports businesses for their expansion into the country.
(* Data correct as of 2018.)

Yangon Office

Member Attorneys

Fumiaki Kai
Attorney-at-law admitted in Japan
Fumiaki Kai

Stationed in Myanmar for more than four years since January 2015, he is well-versed and highly experienced in every legal issue which Japanese enterprises may encounter when engaging in business in Myanmar.
In particular, he has significant experience and achievements in relation to real estate development and was involved in a real estate development matter in which Japanese direct investment into Myanmar was made for the first time since the enforcement of the 2012 Foreign Investment Law. Moreover, he deals with all aspects of legal needs facing Japanese enterprises in Myanmar, such as company incorporation, investment permission applications, M&A transactions, finance, intellectual property, labor issues, and real estate development.
In relation to the laws of Myanmar, he has authored several books, including “Myanmar’s New Investment Law and New Companies Act” (published by Chuokeizai-sha, Inc.), and given multiple lectures.

Yoshika Sakata
Attorney-at-law admitted in Japan
Yoshika Sakata

She has been stationed in the Yangon Office since April 2019. In her Southeast Asia-related career, she has experience working for the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines.
In collaboration with local Myanmar attorneys, she responds to various Myanmar-related cases, mainly involving Japanese enterprises and their local subsidiaries.

Guide to Our Legal Practice

Investment support
  • Support for investment applications, including MIC applications and endorsement applications
  • Due diligence for land transactions and the execution of real estate lease contracts
  • Preparation for investment contracts including joint venture contracts
  • Applications for incorporation and preparation of articles of incorporation and applications for the establishment of branch offices
  • Obtaining wholesale, retail and hotel licenses and other licenses and permits, as well as conducting negotiations with government agencies
  • Legal support for M&A in Myanmar
  • Research and investigations into Myanmar law
  • Applications for trademark registration and advice on intellectual property
  • Advice on labor-related issues
  • Advice and support for all other legal matters related to doing business in Myanmar

Access / Contact Information

Name TMI Associates Services Co., Ltd.
Address #105, Prime Hill Business Square, No. 60, Shwe Dagon Pagoda Road, Dagon Township Yangon, Myanmar
Telephone +95(0)1-255-047
Facsimile +95(0)1-255-048
E-Mail yangon@tmi.gr.jp
  • Taxi : 40 minutes from Yangon International Airport

*The Yangon Office is located on the 1st floor (the same floor as JETRO Yangon) of Prime Hill Business Square, a site which contains many Japanese enterprises.

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