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The Philippines is a republic that gained independence in 1946 and is a young country with a population of over 100 million citizens having a median age of only 24 years. In recent years, the country has recorded its GDP growth rate at approximately 6-7%, and its steady economic growth is set to continue.
Japan and the Philippines have long enjoyed people-to-people exchanges and economic relationships. Japan continues to be the first or second largest trade partner for the Philippines, and there are approximately 1,500 Japanese companies operating in the country. The recent rise of the Filipino middle class with higher income levels has led to the Philippines attracting growing interest as a consumer market.
In response to the country’s strong economic growth, TMI established a Philippine Desk staffed by a resident Japanese attorney in October 2016. The Philippine Desk and the Philippine Practice Group in the Tokyo Office utilize their access to up-to-date local information and a network of leading law firms in the country, in addition toTMI’s expertise in Philippine law and practice, and thereby offer prompt and efficient support to clients seeking advice on Philippine expansion and investment and on all types of legal issues surrounding their local subsidiaries.
(* Data correct as of 2018.)

Contact in the Philippines

Member Attorneys

Masao Dan
Attorney, Japan
Masao Dan

After his admission to the bar and being involved in a number of Philippine projects, Masao was relocated to the Philippines in 2015. He subsequently became the first Japanese national to graduate from law school in the Philippines. As a resident attorney at the Philippine Desk, Masao is responsible for advising Japanese clients on all areas of Philippine expansion and investment, as well as the management and operation of local subsidiaries in collaboration with a leading law firm in the Philippines.

Guide to Our Legal Practice

■ M&A
Support for legal due diligence in proposed acquisition of Philippine companies by Japanese companies.
Support for legal due diligence in proposed acquisitions of or investments in Philippine companies by Japanese companies and support for the filing of business combinations with the regulatory authorities under the Philippine Competition Act.

■ Support for companies wishing to expand into the Philippines
Reviews of business schemes and investigations into applicable laws and regulations before business expansion.
Liaison services for incorporating local subsidiaries and obtaining licenses and permits.
Support for negotiations with potential local business partners.
Reviews of franchise, employment and other contracts before business expansion.
Consultancy services for property selection and employee recruitment before business expansion

■ Support for companies operating in the Philippines
Support for appeals and complaints about back taxes.
Advice on how to deal with improper or fraudulent practices committed internally.
Advice on the development of anti-corruption policies for local subsidiaries and support for the preparation and implementation of internal training programs.
Advice on business negotiations with government agencies.
Support for the development and implementation of local subsidiary liquidation schemes.
Support for reviews on the means of collecting debts from local companies.
Support for appointment and resignation of employees in local subsidiaries.

■ Investigations and research
Research and reports on anti-corruption, intellectual property, tax, labor law and other legal frameworks and operations.

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Name Puyat Jacinto & Santos
Address 10F 8 Rockwell Hidalgo corner Plaza Drive Rockwell Center Makati City 1200, Philippines
Telephone +63(0)2 840 5025
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