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Outline of Services

Since its establishment, TMI Associates has been trying domestically and internationally to build and improve the systems to make it possible to provide highly specialized legal services in response to the clients’ needs as well as to achieve such goal always at a higher level as a law firm, based on the principle of “providing services embracing the new age of furthering globalization and a borderless society”.

For the purpose of supporting strategic managerial decisions made by Japanese enterprises operating their businesses in Europe in relation to the recent issue of the UK’s departure from the EU (Brexit), the need to transmit timely information on European legal circumstances has been growing. With an aim to support Japanese enterprises operating in Europe, TMI Associates had established an office in London, England, and has caused an experienced professional with certification in both Japanese law and English law to reside there. Furthermore, TMI Associates assists its clients with cases requiring legal procedures in France through its secondment of a professional with certification in French law who is well-versed in services related to local issues.

At its Tokyo Office, TMI Associates has provided support from the Japanese side to clients requesting its European services by establishing a professional team led by attorneys with experience in the UK and by setting up a French Desk, among others.

The geographical scope covered by Japanese enterprises operating their businesses in Europe is significantly large, and it is not unusual to coordinate issues in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (commonly known as the EMEA region) entirely from the European side. Through its European service, TMI Associates will, in cooperation with law firms in the EMEA region and, by taking advantage of being located in nearly the same time zones as such regions, respond to a wide variety of our clients’ needs in the EMEA region, as well as Europe.

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