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Outline of Services

TMI Associates established a branch office in Silicon Valley, California, U.S.A. By establishing an overseas office in Silicon Valley, a sanctuary of innovation where numerous advanced technologies such as IT (Information Technology) and biotechnology are created, TMI will be expanding its support for the global development of innovative companies, with services comprehensively ranging from the acquisition of patent rights to licensing, down to litigation.

Since its establishment, TMI has been pursuing services related to intellectual property rights which it considers as one of its main pillars, and it is made up of numerous attorneys-at-law and patent attorneys with unrivaled experience and proven track records who collaborate to serve the needs of a wide variety of high-tech industries. In the meantime, Silicon Valley has once again been the object of much attention in recent times due to, for example, the active enforcement of patent rights by leading US IT companies which are often referred to as the icons of Silicon Valley, and the advancement into Silicon Valley of IT companies who have been leading the information revolution in Japan. In addition, the passion for innovation is growing beyond the southern part of the San Francisco Bay Area, and is now extending into the northern part of the Bay Area.

Amid such situation, TMI is establishing a US patent service hub for Japanese and foreign companies. TMI Silicon Valley Office, covering the innovation area expanding north and south, will become a hub for serving the needs of companies in surrounding regions and across the US, as well as providing support for IT/biotech companies generating innovation in Japan, based on the latest information coming from Silicon Valley.

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