Corporate Law Alliances

Along with M&A, alliances have a significant role as one of the corporate growth strategies.   Alliances progress due to their focus on certain business, in contrast to M&A, but there have been dramatic changes in the business environment and corporate performance in recent years.  This has led to an increase in disputes caused by dissolution of alliances on both the domestic and international fronts.

TMI has abundant alliance experience in every type of domestic and cross-border matter such as technological, production, sales and capital alliances.  In alliances, it is vital to understand the business, determine its risks and reflect these factors into the relevant contracts.  At TMI, attorneys well-versed in each business practice can offer you in-depth advice.  We also have abundant experience in providing proactive advice with regard to contract contents such as those speculating dissolution of the alliance, those resolving disputes with regard to breaches and those dealing with legal matters related to such dissolution and others.  In particular, in cases in which technological alliances are involved, we are capable of providing you with one-stop services due to our team of intellectual property professionals.