Litigation and Other Forms of Dispute Resolution Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation is related to corporate law such as actions for invalidation or revocation of resolutions of shareholders’ meetings, actions for declaratory judgments confirming the existence of shareholders’ rights, actions seeking director liability, shareholder suits, actions seeking injunctions to prevent issuance of stock, actions seeking dismissal of directors, actions seeking directors’ remuneration, actions seeking inspection of accounting books and other documents, actions for invalidation of mergers or company splits, and other similar actions. 

In handling these types of disputes, it is vital to be conversant in the resolution procedures for they are handled in a different manner than general civil litigation, such as the statute of limitations for initiating action, qualifications to gain standing, trial procedures, effects of judgments and the like.

At TMI, we provide clients with the best solutions by working on commercial litigation in teams consisting of both corporate and litigation specialists in accordance with the circumstances of each case.

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