Real Estate Construction and Building Litigation

Construction-related disputes include those involving construction defects among contractors, builders and architects; environmental disputes in relation to neighboring residents; lawsuits due to cancellation of building certification and the like; disputes regarding building maintenance; disputes related to building leases; and disputes related to building accidents.  In order to handle these types of disputes, comprehension of complicated laws and regulations such as building standards and local government ordinances, understanding of administrative proceedings and understanding of the environmental effects cased by such construction are essential.

At TMI, attorneys who are well versed in these types of matters will handle your case, including attorneys with abundant experience in architectural design and supervision as architects, attorneys with a wide range of experience in construction disputes and attorneys who have collaborated with professionals such as structural-design experts, construction-defect experts and construction-regulation experts.

One of our featured construction disputes in recent years involved a case in which a contractor suffered an enormous amount of damages due to an error by the relevant examining authority with regard to the issuance of building certification.  TMI was successful in this case and has an impressive track record in this field.  Also, as for damages associated with building-related accidents, knowledge of the mechanisms on how the accidents occurred and understanding the construction business are essential.  In this connection, our firm possesses the requisite knowledge and understanding and has been remarkably successful with our strategy in light of the design and construction practice.

For construction-related building disputes, an understanding of drawings and specifications, construction mechanisms and business content as well as possessing a tremendous amount of construction knowledge are essential.  Our firm possesses this understanding and knowledge and has a system capable of handling any scale of dispute regarding constructional and civil engineering work.

As for environmental-related construction disputes such as those involving solar easements and injunctions for noise or odor problems, lawsuits resulting from environmental problems such as subsidence and the like, disputes on building certification or permission for integrated design and district planning and the like, an understanding of administrative regulations such as various municipal laws and local government ordinances, administrative litigation and precedents is essential.  In this respect, our firm provides clients with proper advice from attorneys who possess an abundance of experience and who are well versed in the applicable precedents.

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