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Corporate finance is the procurement of funds necessary for a corporation to run its business. Commonly, long-term funding is procured through the issuance of shares and corporate bonds while short-term funding is procured through loans from financial institutions and credit arrangements among corporations (internal financing such as retained earnings and depreciation can also be included here).

For equity financing, TMI provides a wide range of services in accordance with varied needs, such as providing advice on structuring, drafting and reviewing contracts and prospectuses, drafting legal opinions on various forms of funding such as issuance of common stock, convertible preferred stock, convertible tracking-stock, mandatory redeemable preferred stock, compulsory redemption class shares, convertible bonds (CB) and moving strike convertible bonds, and setting up equity commitment lines and so on.

We also provide a wide range of services in accordance with the latest changes in the law and in deregulation regarding debt financing.  This debt financing includes various bonds and loans such as straight bonds (SB), bonds with share options (WB), exchangeable bonds (EB), guaranteed bonds, guaranteed loans, secured loans and syndicated loans, in addition to foreign exchange and derivative transactions, finance leases, operating leases and inter-business credit.

Furthermore, we also act as counsel for cases associated with capital increases for banks and capital increases through integration of operations.

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