Corporate Law

For corporate-related legal matters, there is a big demand for attorneys who are well-versed in the latest revisions of the law and practices.  TMI is prepared to provide you with proper and speedy services such as consultation on daily corporate legal affairs, and making strategic corporate decisions for M&A, alliances, public stock offerings and the like.  In this field, a number of attorneys who were involved in the revision of the Companies Act and the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, and attorneys well-versed and experienced in M&A, alliances, public stock offerings and the like are here to serve you.

In the corporate law area, we receive requests from clients of various corporation sizes, business types and number of employees and both listed and unlisted companies, and we provide superior advice to meet the needs of each client.  We are fully prepared to provide you with full support from the establishment of business to its development to its succession.  Also, we can provide you with comprehensive advice on overseas companies entering the Japanese market and vice versa.  As for overseas subsidiaries of Japanese companies, we fully use our network of branch offices and overseas law firms to provide a wide variety of services such as establishing a subsidiary management system, providing legal consultation on a daily basis and handling disputes.

Utilizing corporate legal advice for both “offensive” and “defensive” aspects is very important for enhancing corporate value and also to prevent corporate scandals.  Our services include not only single matters such as providing highly professional advice for various corporate aspects, drafting legal reports, conducting due diligence related to M&A, alliances and public stock offerings, and contract negotiation, but also continuous drafting, review and management of contracts.  In this sense, we function very similar to an outsourced corporate legal department in consulting on daily legal matters.  In recent years, our attorneys have had more opportunities to be assigned or stationed onsite on a full-time basis to provide legal services to our clients.

General Corporate Legal Practice M&A Alliances
Corporate Governance Assistance in Establishing New Businesses and IPO Consumer-Related Laws