Intellectual Property Designs

Significance of Designs in Business and TMI’s Stance
Designs are creations related to the exterior of goods, which in turn, determines the image of products and appeals directly to the users’ five senses.  By adequately protecting design, product image will be directly protected, and as a result, not only the product image itself but also the corporate image will be protected.  In light of this, at TMI, in accordance with design characteristics, patent attorneys of different backgrounds work on each case to provide clients with comprehensive and complete services from acquiring rights to enforcing them.

Design Team at TMI
At TMI, specialized trademark and patent attorneys collaborate on design issues by balancing both protection of product and corporate image and protection of product form.  Also, the patent attorneys in charge are well-versed in both domestic and international design practices. Our patent attorneys make significant contributions to acquiring adequate rights in overseas countries.  Acquiring such overseas rights would likely be missed from a domestic viewpoint only.

Global Ability to Make Proposals in Line with Domestic and International Design Practices
For domestic cases, we assess the essence of a subject design and provide you with in-depth advice to acquire complete and adequate rights with a minimum amount of time for application, by utilizing the features of entire designs, partial designs and related designs.  If a client wishes to acquire rights in other countries, in addition to our domestic services, we can also provide advice to acquire complete and adequate rights in accordance with overseas practices utilizing our abundant experience in filing overseas applications.

Our Motto: “Clients First”
In acquiring rights and enforcing them, our motto is the “Client First”; our goal is to obtain ultimate client satisfaction by providing them with practical solutions in accordance with their particular needs, in addition to adequate, prompt and high-quality services.