Shipping Carriage of goods by sea (Dry shipping)

A variety of legal issues occur in relation to the carriage of goods by sea because of its legal complexity. In particular, charterparties are often accompanied by technical legal problems, including, but not limited to, the payment of hire, off-hire, laytime and demurrage.

TMI offers practical advice on various types of carriage contracts, including time/voyage/trip/slot charterparty, bills of lading, and COA (contracts of affreightment), etc. Where a legal proceeding/arbitration is executed in Japan, we act on behalf of clients with respect to cases pending before the court or tribunal such as TOMAC (Tokyo Maritime Arbitration Commission of JSE).  On the other hand, where such proceedings are executed outside of Japan, we provide clients with initial advice from our close position to them, both physically and mentally, and seek the best solution in close cooperation with foreign lawyers who are active locally.

The strength of TMI is that we are able to provide practical advice on the following matters, in addition to conventional issues concerning the carriage of goods by sea:

  • ž   Legal issues occurring from P&I, H&M (hull & machinery) and cargo insurance;
  • ž   Legal issues occurring on board “specialised vessels”, such as oil tankers and LNG tankers and offshore platforms;
  • ž   Legal issues with respect to special risks occurring from wars, piracy and economic sanctions; and
  • ž   Legal issues occurring in relation to carriage by air and international multimodal transport.