Industry Coverage Emerging Companies

In recent years, in developed countries, a variety of industrial policies to promote innovation in new fields have been adopted.  A similar movement has also been gaining steam in Japan, and as a result, the significance of supporting entrepreneurs and fostering emerging companies is increasing as well.

TMI has been supporting many emerging companies in Japan and abroad in the information and life sciences fields.  There are many emerging companies that we have supported which have grown by leaps and bounds, meeting the needs of the times and which have been successful in their initial public offering (IPO).  In addition, we support overseas emerging companies in expanding their business in Japan.  Many of these companies provide services and technologies that are not currently provided in Japan.

The attitude of entrepreneurs and emerging companies to continue accepting new challenges is identical to our principle of always accepting new challenges.  Our firm will continuously utilize our resources and networks to assist entrepreneurs and emerging companies.

Our firm supports entrepreneurs and emerging companies by responding to all legal issues arising from the corporate development process.

Our services include providing advice on establishing corporations, funding through venture capital and other similar types of funding, setting up various contracts in accordance with the increase of transactions, personnel and labor-related issues, funding and business alliances, prevention and handling of disputes, and other matters.   Also, in light of the fact that the introduction of new and unprecedented services and new technologies often becomes a goal for emerging companies, we provide advice on establishing business models.  In doing so, we consider various regulations, give advice on strategies for filing patent and trademark applications inside and outside Japan and give advice in accordance with our research on future regulation trends.

At our firm, attorneys with abundant experience in legal practices and expertise and patent attorneys well-versed in business models and technologies collaborate in teams to provide you with advice on these diverse fields.  The fact that we have established a system to provide greater strategic legal advice through teams with a high level of expertise is one of the most attractive features of our firm.

We also support Japanese entrepreneurs and emerging companies expand business overseas in accordance with their development from a legal point of view, utilizing our network of overseas offices and law firms.

Some of the attorneys and patent attorneys at our firm have connections to incubators which constantly aim to nurture entrepreneurs and serve as officers of organizations which aim to nurture emerging companies.  Furthermore, to stimulate emerging companies and markets and to improve the environment surrounding the emerging companies, our firm is also actively involved as a supporting member of the Japan Venture Capital Association.
Our firm would like to continue to support many people from a legal point of view by supporting entrepreneurs and emerging companies with business development goals.  Through these efforts, they will enter a new age and stimulate the Japanese economy, and thus, promote innovation from a global perspective.