Labor and Employment Law Establishment and Operation of the Personnel System

The rules of employment are the most important rules governing the employer-employee relationship, and depending on the contents of the rules of employment, it becomes possible to prevent disputes with employees in advance, or it becomes possible to resolve actual disputes in advantageous ways.  TMI can provide you with practical advice, such as the establishment of the rules of employment, the establishment and operation of personnel systems as a whole including changes thereto, based on our abundant knowledge of judicial precedents on employment issues in general, including the latest significant employment cases and actual dispute resolution experiences such as issues on managers in name only and mental health problems.

Furthermore, as for the operation of disciplinary systems regarding violation of the rules and misconduct by employees, TMI can provide you with advice taking into account the actual operation of the disciplinary system for each client, as well as specific advice with regard to various conflicts and problems that are expected to occur by announcement and operation of changes in wage systems, proper placement of personnel due to internal transfer and secondment, the establishment and operation of voluntary retirement schemes for personnel downsizing, and the other issues.

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