Real Estate Real Estate Investment

Real estate investment can be classified into real estate investment between domestic parties, investment in overseas real estate from Japan, and investment in Japanese real estate from abroad.

TMI is well experienced in the field of transactions between domestic parties, such as contracts and other transactional practices, and we are capable of providing you with a wide range of services from the standpoint of legal compliance with laws and regulations regarding real estate, administrative guidelines and the like.

Also, as for investment in overseas real estate from Japan, as a means for local commercialization, diversified investment and the like, you may be considering acquisition of or investment in real estate in various countries or regions.  Our firm assists clients from various backgrounds, and it is vital to conduct thorough research on regulations in the country or region that the subject real estate is located in.  In this regard, our firm can fully utilize our consistently expanding overseas network.  Also, when Japanese parties acquire or invest in overseas real estate, consideration of compliance with Japanese laws and other regulations is required in relation to various schemes and financing.  In these situations, our firm can fully apply our high level of skill and experience.

Furthermore, as for investment in Japanese real estate from overseas, our firm is up-to-date on the regulations regarding real estate and investment in Japan, and we are capable of responding to the diverse needs of investors and clients related to transactions.  The subject of investment may vary from housing, offices, commercial facilities, hotels and others, and overseas investors may reside in vast regions such as Asia and the Middle East in addition to the U.S. and Europe.  We are confident that we can work as an intermediary for guiding real estate investment in Japan, by providing you with detailed advice in accordance with your needs and circumstances.