Real Estate

TMI offers a broad range of services related to real estate transactions, both domestic and international. Our clients are engaged in an extensive range of business, and we provide legal advice to privately-owned parties such as developers, construction and design companies, financial institutions, securities companies, trust companies, funds, and advisors, in addition to public institutions such as administrative agencies and sovereign wealth funds.  Our firm handles cases with precision, in accordance with the terms and background of each transaction and party’s situations.

Also, the contents of our real estate practice services are rich in variety, and as a part of our support, we also provide explanations and translations of various important documents such as real estate contracts, notification and registration for administrative agencies and collateral-related documents when funding such as loans is necessary.  In view of the fact that new forms of transactions and methods of financing related to real estate business are constantly being created, our firm has a system in place providing you with advice from leading-edge attorneys experienced in a diverse range of perspectives including structuring.  We also actively engage in contributing to cases in collaboration with professionals from different fields such as taxation, accounting and expert evaluation.
Furthermore, our firm has been working on joint enterprises with leading global law firms and such efforts have greatly contributed to the progress and development of our practical experience in international real estate transactions.

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