Labor and Employment Law Immigration-Related Matters

Amid further internationalization of both corporate and individual activity, the mobility of people entering Japan from abroad and vice versa has also increased.  Basically, entering or staying in a country other than one’s country of nationality requires acquiring “residence status”.  Further, since residence status usually has restrictions on the period present and types of activities allowed, extension or change of residence status is required for time over the permitted period and engagement in activities other than the permitted ones.  In handling immigration services related to residence status, it is vital to be aware of the practices and operation of the immigration authorities.  At TMI, we provide the following services while constantly gathering the latest information:

■ Inviting those with foreign nationality to Japan, and providing advice and procedural support related to immigration when starting business in Japan.

・ Application for certificates of eligibility
・ Application for extensions of period of stay
・ Application for changes of residence status
・ Application for permission to engage in activity other than that permitted under the residence status previously granted
・ Application for re-entry permits
・ Application for permanent residence
・ Application for naturalization

■ Providing advice related to immigration when expanding business from Japan to overseas and procedural support in cooperation with the overseas professionals.