Industry Coverage

TMI provides advice to clients engaged in various industrial fields.  We cover a wide range of clients including manufacturers of automobiles, electronic components, machinery and equipment, materials and liquid crystal, chemical goods, clothing, beverages, transportation and distribution-related companies, construction and real estate-related companies, trading companies, telecommunications companies, advertisement agencies, newspaper companies, publishers, music and film-related companies, IT-related companies, financial institutions such as banks, securities, insurance providers and the like, various investment companies including fund management companies, medical institutions and nursing-care facility management companies, think tanks, public institutions, and many other fields.

Our firm has established a system in which the best teams are formed for each of our wide range of clients to provide advice through a combination of attorneys with expertise in the relevant legal field and patent attorneys with expertise in the relevant technical field.

In addition, our firm believes that in accordance with the significant changes in the economic environment surrounding our clients, it is vital to deepen our understanding of the relevant industrial fields that clients are engaged in to provide value-added services.  In accordance with such philosophy, we will continue to enrich our attorneys and patent attorneys, who are well-versed in a wide range of industrial fields, through personnel exchanges with our clients.  We have been doing this since the foundation of our firm.

To meet the needs of our clients, our attorneys and patent attorneys continue to evolve, striving to develop their expertise in accordance with the features of the relevant industrial fields, which are changing with the times.

Brands Media, Entertainment and Sports Pharmaceuticals, Medical Care, Health Care and Biotechnology
IT and Communications Matters Banking, Securities, Insurance and Trusts Funds
Human Resources, Education and Welfare Emerging Companies