Business Turnaround and Bankruptcy

While there is no need to give examples of financial crises or natural disasters, in reality, it is inevitable that under certain circumstances corporations and individuals will fall into economic hardship despite their efforts for success.  In such cases, it is vital to minimize the harm suffered by such corporations and individuals as well as the related parties such as employees and business partners, and to maximize the chances for successful rehabilitation.  In this respect, TMI provides a wide range of services to support them.

Today, various ways and methods for recovery and rehabilitation have systematically become  available; not only legal procedures such as civil rehabilitation, corporate turnaround, bankruptcy, special liquidation, but also voluntary liquidation procedures utilizing guidelines such as those for business turnaround, ADR, the Small and Medium Size Business Rehabilitation Support Co-operative, Specified Conciliation, voluntary liquidation guidelines and others.  Our firm provides services based on our professional knowledge and know-how, constantly considering carefully what is necessary and best for handling business turnaround and liquidation.

We support a variety of clients in relation to business turnaround and bankruptcy, such as supporting clients on the debtor’s side, such as large-scale companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, local corporations and individuals engaged in a variety of industrial fields, as well as clients on the creditor’s side, such as financial institutions, business partners, sponsor corporations, investors and the like.  Also, many of our attorneys serve as reorganization trustees, bankruptcy trustees, supervisors appointed by courts and their representatives.

Nowadays, business turnaround is less likely to be completed only domestically, and often times international issues such as having an overseas manufacturing base and business partners are of key importance.  Our firm has established overseas offices, particularly in Asia, and has set up a global network that includes many overseas law firms in order to provide one-stop services, proactively utilizing such network also in business turnaround cases.

In recent years, business turnaround and bankruptcy often require specialized professional knowledge with respect to each case, in addition to just the related knowledge and experience.  Our firm places priority on personally tailoring our personnel for each case based on their knowledge and skills.  These cases include M&A, finance, intellectual property, and we utilize the advantages of having a large office and having service groups that closely work together without any barriers.

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