Industry Coverage Banking, Securities, Insurance and Trusts

TMI has broad experience in advising domestic and international financial institutions on various regulations, structural compliance, funding, integration of operations, credit management and other areas.  These institutions are controlled under strict regulation and are involved in various industries such as banking, securities, insurance and trusts. Our attorneys have diverse backgrounds and many have worked at or were seconded to institutions including banks, firms dealing in securities, companies that manage trusts and investment trusts, the Financial Services Agency, the Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission, financial instruments exchanges, and some have worked as legislators.  Also, we help clients to develop global business, using our extensive overseas network.

Banking, Securities and FX
With the transition to “Better Regulation,” deposit-taking financial institutions are expected to set various minimum compliance rules in addition to voluntarily setting an agenda to ensure such rules’ effectiveness.  We provide a broad range of services for large-scale cases such as funding for mergers and responding to BIS regulations, off-balance sheet transactions to reduce the number of risky assets, acquiring foreign banks and other cases dealing with establishing governance systems and preventing abuses within financial conglomerates, in addition to dealing with credit management, regulation of over-the-counter trading and handling requests for managerial decisions.  In addition to our services above, for financial instruments business operators, we provide further advice on developing and introducing new products and compliance with regulations.  We also negotiate with the authorities with regard to regulations, draft and review contract and documents and also advise on reducing risk at the time of distribution. 

In modern society, life insurance and general insurance are becoming indispensable for maintaining stability in people's lives.  At our firm, attorneys with work experience at the Ministry of Justice and the Financial Services Agency provide advice from a wide range of perspectives in accordance with substantive law such as the Insurance Act and the Civil Code, in addition to ordinances that monitor activity such as the Insurance Business Act and the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, on various problems related to insurance policies such as their applicability and revision, as well as troubles regarding offering or soliciting insurance and the like.  Moreover, we have a proven track record in different types of claims and litigation relating to insurance and ADR with insurance companies.

Since trusts serve various functions such as separating substantive ownership from management, bankruptcy remoteness for substantive owners and changing the legal attributes of an asset, they are utilized in many situations corresponding to various social needs such as funding, property management and business succession.  At our firm, we provide general legal advice for trusts based on our abundant experience in advising on asset financing where trusts are utilized for real estate, claims and copyrights, patents and other forms of IP, on business succession, and on developing new trust products in accordance with social needs.  Furthermore, we provide services such as establishing new trust companies, maintaining internal regulations and management systems, in addition to providing advice, negotiating with the authorities and preparing required documents with regard to approval, registration and other procedural matters.