Intellectual Property

Since the establishment of TMI, our intellectual property rights practice, including patents, utility models, designs, trademarks, and copyrights, has been one of the main pillars of expertise in which we have unrivaled experience and achievement.

In intellectual property-related lawsuits (including infringement litigation, trials for invalidation, appealing trial decisions, import suspensions and temporary injunctive relief), the attorneys and the patent attorneys cooperatively conduct a thorough review on matters such as the technical contents of inventions or judgments on the similarity of trademarks and designs.  In addition, attorneys with extensive knowledge and experience in the media & entertainment business in Japan and overseas, and who are conversant with industry practices, are committed to taking appropriate legal action in accordance with the client’s needs.  We also have former Supreme Court Justices and leading jurists in the field of intellectual property rights such as Special Counsel and Advisor Attorneys who can provide you with advice based on the thinking processes of judges and the latest academic issues, from the planning of litigation strategy in intellectual property-related litigation down to the allegations and the proof in connection to specific issues. 

Regarding applications for intellectual property rights, in relation to patents, we are capable of handling domestic and foreign applications in every technical field through specialists in each area of technical expertise, particularly mechanical, electrical & semiconductor, chemical & materials, bio & pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, IT & software and energy & environmental technology.  In relation to designs and trademarks, we are capable of handling domestic and foreign applications in all fields through specialists in each area of expertise.  Further, with the deadline management and administrative work absolutely imperative for these applications managed by our latest systems and highly experienced paralegals and staff, we have won the absolute trust of clients inside and outside of Japan.

Furthermore, we handle a large number of cases relating to transactions regarding media, entertainment, sports and IT-related business inside and outside of Japan; attorneys with proficient knowledge and abundant experience in the industry practices and the latest technologies and the like are committed to serve you regarding a wide range of practices related to contracts to facilitate transactions and with legal advice such as advice on the operation of contents such as Japanese animation and movies overseas, advice on schemes for financial funds for contents production, drafting and reviewing manufacturing agreements, commercial agreements, license agreements on various rights, advice on contracts and regulations related to information communications and broadcasting, advice on content distribution, protection of personal data and privacy on the internet, and advice related to e-commerce and others.  Over the years, for and on behalf of various rights organizations, we have been actively engaged in protection activities for brands, movie content, music and sounds, characters, business software and other similar fields, such as measures against counterfeit products, detection of illegal screenings and pirated video software, criminal complaints, civil preservation, the filing of lawsuits and others.  The firm also served as an Adviser to the Organizing Committee in the Nagano Olympics (1998).

These practices of the firm related to intellectual property have earned us a high reputation domestically and internationally, and in recent years, we have won the First Rank in Intellectual Property-related categories and TIER1 in “The Legal 500”, “Managing Intellectual Property”, “Chambers”, “PRACTICAL LAW COMPANY”, “Asia IP,” and so on.  In addition, in the “Best Lawyers” survey conducted by the United States Best Lawyers, Inc., a number of our attorneys have been chosen as “The Best Lawyer” (The Best Lawyers in Japan) every year, in the categories for “Intellectual Property Rights,” “Trademarks,” “Media & Entertainment,” and “Sports” in Japan.

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