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International trade and investment laws based on agreements among countries such as WTO Law, FTAs and EPAs affect the operations of private companies directly.  Such laws are constantly changing, with ever more complexity added through the accumulation of previous cases such as WTO disputes, international investment arbitrations and multiple treaty negotiations such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).  In recent years, risks facing companies which are operating internationally are ever more increasing due to the increased policing of such matters by the governments of Asian and South American countries.  TMI is ready to assist you in planning for and dealing with trade issues, making use of its abundant experience in the field of domestic and international trade issues.

Addressing International Issues 

When companies become involved in investigations into trade matters such as anti-dumping duties, countervailing duties, or safeguard measures carried out by foreign governments; or when regulations on trade and investment become an issue overseas, we can provide the best possible advice in collaboration with our overseas offices and experienced affiliated law firms overseas.  If necessary, we can also provide support service in appealing against unconscionable actions of foreign governments through the Japanese government such as by submitting an opinion taking WTO disputes into consideration.

Addressing Domestic Issues 

Our office is well-versed in the latest legal practice in Japan and we have experience in advising the Japanese government on overseas trade dispute cases and investigative operations concerning the application of domestic laws.  Other than the above, we provide advice broadly to both Japanese and foreign entities with respect to issues related to Japanese anti-dumping duties, countervailing duties, and safeguards, as well as customs regulations (such as customs classification and marks of origin).  Depending on your needs, we can also deal with your matter comprehensively in collaboration with our experts in fields such as the antimonopoly laws and tax laws.

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