Intellectual Property IP Transactions


Utilization of IP that Directly Contributes to Businesses

In the intellectual creativity cycle, there is a growing trend of emphasizing not only “creation” and “protection”, but also the “utilization” of Intellectual Property (IP) - patents, designs and trademarks, etc.  This utilization can be classified into two categories - IP infringement suits that take place in courts and IP transactions that take place outside the courts.  As for the types of IP transactions, there are, to name but a few examples, outbound-licensing in which companies seek monetization by licensing their IP to other companies, inbound-licensing in which companies accelerate their businesses by using other companies’ IP, cross-licensing in which companies seek mutual usage of patents, the sale of unnecessary patents/trademarks to other companies, patent acquisitions for the protection of a certain business or for future utilization, and technology transfers accompanying these IP transfers.  Through such utilization, IP rights can directly contribute to the business.

Experts with Both Business and Legal Minds

In implementing IP transactions, legal minds are indispensable, but the final goal cannot be achieved without also using business minds.  It is important to take the best possible measures in accordance with the circumstances, taking into comprehensive consideration the business trends in the industry and the economic situations of both one’s own company and other companies, as well as the quality and quantity of each company’s patent portfolios.  TMI’s IP experts, who are possessed of both business minds and legal minds as well as an abundant amount of experience, will provide the best possible IP transaction services to help the clients accomplish their objectives.

Help Clients in Various Phases of IP Transactions

From strategy building to closing, there are various phases in IP transactions, such as the selection of appropriate partner companies, valuing and appraisal of patents/trademarks, written and oral negotiations on patents or business, drafting of agreements and, as a step prior to implementing the above, filing patent applications and obtaining patent rights taking into consideration the trends of other companies’ businesses and competitors’ products.  TMI Associates is able to help clients according to their needs during any and all phases of IP transactions and for any type of IP (patent, designs, trademarks, etc.) that they are dealing with.  Our team of experts are fluent in a number of languages and are highly skilled negotiators and are able to provide support to our clients through the use of both domestic and overseas IP.