Labor and Employment Law

For the smooth operation of business activities, how to build relationships with employees, which is an essential component for corporations, is an extremely important issue.  TMI is pleased to fully support its clients in relation to any labor and employment issues which may arise.

With employment issues, there are many cases in which the evaluation of each action in specific cases based on the Principle on Abuse of Rights of Dismissal, the presence or absence of reasonableness in disadvantageous changes in the rules of employment, the presence or absence of unjustified grounds for internal transfer of employees, the presence or absence of abuse when exercising discretionary powers over personnel, and so on, may determine the final outcome in court.  Not only is sound knowledge on employment-related laws, regulations, and circular notice essential but commentaries on the latest court cases and analysis of their trends are also indispensable.  Based on such latest information and analysis, experienced attorneys who have handled a large number of employment cases will provide the client with the best solution for achieving the client’s target results in accordance with the client’s current policies and personnel management, also taking into consideration the reputational risks and total cost involved in resolving any given dispute.

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