Litigation and Other Forms of Dispute Resolution

Litigation, in other words proceedings to resolve disputes, is a significant and fundamental set of services provided by attorneys and is one of the main pillars of our firm.  Providing the best solutions to the client through dispute resolution is a significant set of services for attorneys.  Through the litigation process, we might create new precedents and case law, and might contribute to promoting legislative and lifestyle changes in society.

Dispute resolution handled by TMI includes litigation such as civil litigation, ADR, which is a dispute resolution procedure outside of court, arbitration, civil mediation, and out-of-court settlement.  In addition to handling disputes among private individuals, we also handle administrative proceedings such as tax disputes with the national and local governments.  Also, for criminal matters such as white-collar crimes, we protect our clients as criminal defense attorneys.  Further, not only do we handle domestic disputes but we also handle many international disputes which take place in courts and arbitral tribunals in Europe, the U.S. and Asia.  Our firm has a constant stream of cases that could potentially end up in court.  In addition to representing large corporations, we also represent individuals in their daily disputes such as in small claims court.

In handling litigation, we select teams of attorneys specialized in accordance with the content of the case at hand to provide you with the best outcomes.  For example, attorneys qualified as class-1 architects for construction disputes, attorneys qualified as accountants inside or outside Japan for accounting disputes, attorneys from our finance team for finance disputes and attorneys specialized in IT for IT disputes, will be selected as members of our attorney teams.  In cases which require scientific or technological knowledge, patent attorneys who are specialized in the relevant fields will join our teams.  Also, former Supreme Court justices and other judges will join our teams from time to time.

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