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For your media, entertainment and sports needs, our firm has attorneys who are well versed in industry practices and leading-edge technology from both transactional and dispute-related viewpoints.  Our expertise covers domestic and international matters and our successful track record has earned us global recognition.  In particular, in response to the global expansion of business, growth of the Internet and digitization of business of recent years, we provide a wide variety of services including consultation related to overseas distribution of Japanese content and sport programming, protecting and securing smooth distribution of content on the Internet, handling disputes and similar matters.

Specifically, we provide a full range of legal services from transactional documentation like contracts to legal advice to responding to disputes for matters such as protection of expression, defamation and infringement of privacy rights, overseas expansion of Japanese animation and movies, production funding schemes, protecting rights and ensuring smooth Internet distribution of music-related content, communication and broadcasting regulations and celebrity management.  Regarding legal documentation, we advise on contracts for professional sports groups and athletes, and draft and review distribution contracts, advertising contracts and license agreements involving various intellectual property rights.

Also, for many years, our firm has been proactively engaged in content protection activities such assisting with the crackdown on pirated videos and illegal downloads, filing criminal complaints, getting seizure and attachment orders and initiating lawsuits, representing various types of rights groups.  In addition, we have also been involved in providing advice for international athletic events such as the Nagano Olympics (in 1998).

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