Intellectual Property Patents

Value of Intellectual Property Related to Inventions Further Enhanced
Patents and utility models are technical idea creations born from the relentless efforts of corporations to develop technology.  These creations are intangible assets which may become a “source” of competitive power for corporate activity and may be considered as “gems” created with an enormous amount of prior investment.   If polishing these gems through proper evaluation of prior art, scope and embodiment results in “inventions”, we may recover such investment and maintain a business advantage over competitors.  In addition, with cooperation from colleagues, by utilizing licenses with exclusive rights, the promotion and distribution of a product may possibly become a leading business for a corporation.  Traditionally, for investors, filing a massive amount of applications was for incentive and cross-license purposes, whereas we have now moved into an era where exclusive rights in intellectual property are utilized to develop corporate business models.  In that sense, intellectual property is starting to be considered as an important tool to support business decisions.

Legal Services in Response to the Requests of Clients of Various Technological Fields
Since its foundation, TMI has considered the legal services of acquiring intellectual property rights for patents and utility models as one of its most important specialties, and has been supporting domestic and international corporations, and universities to duly acquire the rights to utilize their ideas.  Presently, we are successfully responding to the various requests of clients from a wide range of industries, such as a leading domestic chemical manufacturer, a leading domestic automobile manufacturer, a global semiconductor equipment manufacturer, a leading domestic IT company, a manufacturer of printer-related goods and others.  With our wide global network, in addition to filing applications around the world, we are capable of answering inquiries, researching from a practical perspective, and carrying out expert evaluations and litigation.

Teams of Experts Well-Versed in a Variety of Technical Fields
Patent attorneys at TMI are elite professionals with practical experience as examiners, developers and members of corporate intellectual property departments and patent firms.  Our patent attorneys have gathered at TMI to pursue higher quality work and to offer a wider range of services.  Presently, we have over 40 patent attorneys specialized in various technical fields such as chemical & bio, mechanical, electrical & electronics, IT & software and all other related fields.  They work to acquire rights, and our firm is consistently ranked highly among domestic patent offices in the annual number of cases undertaken.  In parallel to application services, we also handle a great variety of cases involving services related to the utilization of intellectual property rights, including research, expert evaluations, trials and litigation.  In litigation and invalidation trials, our attorneys and patent attorneys work in tandem to discuss and draft pleadings that have technological reasoning based on a legal perspective so that optimum results are obtained for clients.

Our Motto: “Clients First”
Our patent attorneys are supported by a system in which the partners in charge share responsibility for each functional group (domestic applications, overseas applications and domestic applications from outside Japan) and excellent paralegals and staff frequently hold joint meetings to improve the quality of work.  We endeavor to achieve a high level for our work and to constantly improve the quality of routine filings.   Additionally, our Systems Department is continuously introducing new technology and improving our IT systems which assist us in responding to each of our client’s requests with meticulous care.  Our patent attorneys, paralegals and staff are always devoted to working as one, following our motto, “Clients First.”  We also are always thinking about the best solutions to maximize our clients’ satisfaction through providing accurate, prompt and high-quality services as professionals.

Attorneys in this Practice Area

Patent Attorneys in this Practice Area

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