Finance Project Finance

TMI has been supporting clients involved in domestic and international development projects since its founding.  We provide a wide range of services, for all project stages from establishment of structures to negotiation of basic terms for transactions to drafting the various related contracts.  This is done in accordance with our deep understanding of business structures and project plans, based on the latest legislative and deregulation developments, and by sharing methods for proper risk allocation with clients.

Our clients’ target projects are wide-ranging, such as domestic and international infrastructure construction including medical and welfare facilities, urban renewal, public facilities and expressways, in addition to resort development.  Also, we have recently been handling more and more matters related to energy sources such as solar and wind power, and biomass sources and others.

Our project finance cases also include PFI(Private Finance Initiative)projects, and our firm has successfully represented the various related parties  such as the employer, arranger, lender and sponsor.