Risk Management Public Relations Legal Practice

Today, compliance and CSR have become essential for the public relations of a company, and the significance of the collaboration of publicity and legal practice has increased more than ever. Depending on the public relations response at the time of an emergency such as a company scandal, such collaboration may decide the fate of an organization.  Also, in lawsuits attracting strong attention from the press, in terms of publicity, comments can affect the outcome of such lawsuits.  Meanwhile, in ordinary public relations, if a check (and confirmation) from a legal standpoint such as for the proper handling of portrait rights or copyrights, or for the handling of personal data is not sufficient, it may lead to new troubles. 

TMI has focused on the significance of the collaboration between publicity and legal practice since its foundation, and has been providing a wide range of public relations legal practice services from a CSR point of view, and the content covers a broad range as follows.

  • Formulating and providing advice on publicity strategy as a part of crisis management at the time of scandals.
  • Providing advice and support with regard to responding to each form of mass media, drafting press releases and Q&A.
  • Establishing in-house public relations systems, conducting and supporting in-house seminars.
  • Legal checks on infringement of third party rights, etc.., in public relations materials.
  • Dealing with damage to reputation and defamation