Business Turnaround and Bankruptcy Public Assistance for Turnarounds

In corporate revitalization cases, it is very beneficial to put business turnaround plans in effect that adjust creditors’ interests with the help of public agencies such as the Enterprise Turnaround Initiative Corporation of Japan and the Small and Medium Size Business Rehabilitation Support Co-operative.

At TMI, we have many attorneys with a high level of knowledge and experience in numerous cases in which business turnaround plans were implemented with the help of public agencies.  Our attorneys are ready to create proper corporate revitalization schemes in accordance with the particulars of our cases, and to implement such plans, requesting the help of public agencies if necessary.

After the repeal of the SME Financing Facilitation Act at the end of March 2013, which was renewed twice, a measure to designate SME support service providers was founded in accordance with SME Business Capabilities Enhancement Support Bill.  At our firm, attorneys authorized by the Certified Business Innovation Support Organization will instruct and advise a wide variety of entities from major corporations to small and medium-sized businesses, utilizing their abundant experience and know-how in analyzing the financial conditions of corporations, developing business plans and implementing such plans.