Risk Management

No matter how hard a company works on establishing a system to ensure legal compliance, as long as it continues to carry on business, scandals caused by a lessening of awareness toward compliance due to habit, placing priority on performance, or misappropriation of business by executives and employees will inevitably occur, to a greater or lesser extent.  The essence of risk management is to take proper measures after scandals occur.

At TMI, well-experienced attorneys who handled company fraud while serving at government agencies such as the Public Prosecutor's Office, the Japan Fair Trade Commission, Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission, the Financial Services Agency, and the Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau, can precisely recognize the signs and manifestations of such risks and provide you with effective measures.

In addition, when scandals are revealed, proper and accurate factual investigation forms the basis for proper business judgment.  The highly-specialized attorneys and abundant manpower of the firm will support you by conducting research on all types of compliance violations.

Furthermore, in order to prevent incidental damage caused by problems relating to media strategy, the firm can provide you with guidance on public relations responses from the standpoint of future legal risks.

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