Finance Securitization, Liquidation and REIT

TMI handles a variety of securitization and liquidation matters relating to claims (loans, lease receivables, accounts receivables, bad loans and other claims), vessel assets and the like, real estate (offices, residences, logistics facilities, hotels, hospitals, nursing homes and others), intellectual property rights (patent rights, copyrights and other similar rights), general business and more.  At TMI, attorneys thoroughly versed in the latest financial laws, customs and practices provide you with superior services for all stages of these matters including risk analysis, establishment of structures, contract negotiation, drafting of legal documentation, negotiation and the required notification procedures with the regulating authorities.  In this regard, our attorneys are proud of their numerous achievements.

In such context, TMI provides services to various clients from all positions, including domestic and international lenders, investors, arrangers, originators, asset managers, trust banks and others.

As for REIT, TMI provides a wide range of services such as legal support for funding, due diligence for property acquisition, drafting contracts and compliance with disclosure regulations.

Also, for disputes including litigation occurring between the related parties after the closing, TMI can represent clients effectively with a high degree of professionalism and success.  In doing so, we provide appropriate advice, including that about restructuring, when the parties concerned are bankrupt, and have an impressive record in this regard as well.