Shipping is an essential industry not only for shipping, logistics and insurance companies, but also for trading houses, financial institutions, energy companies and manufacturers. Especially for this island country of Japan, shipping has traditionally been one of the key industries which are crucial to our economic activities.


Specialised support by shipping lawyers

Shipping law is, by its nature, not only complicated and technical, but also global and multi-jurisdictional. Even in a case in which only Japanese companies are involved, it is rather rare that such case can be solved only by referring to Japanese law. TMI advises on every aspect of shipping and international trade by attorneys who are specialised in shipping law. We also assist clients by instructing and collaborating with shipping lawyers all over the world, as necessary.


One-stop service by a comprehensive law firm

On the other hand, legal issues that arise in the shipping business cannot always be solved by relying only on the knowledge of and expertise in shipping law. They sometimes require us to use considerable manpower and expertise in other legal fields, such as mergers and bankruptcies of shipping companies, anti-trust law and taxation.

TMI makes full use of its strength as a comprehensive law firm and provides clients with efficient one-stop services for large-scale cases and issues relating to the other practice areas through close collaborations with attorneys who specialise in the other practice areas.


Carriage of goods by sea (Dry shipping) Safety of ships and marine casualty (Wet shipping) Shipping finance