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2017/07/12ARTICLE “Updates on Recent Legal Practices in Vietnam (No. 238): Decree No. 71/2017/ND-CP Guiding Corporate Governance of Public Companies”
2017/07/05ARTICLE “Updates on Recent Legal Practices in Vietnam (No. 237): The Law on Technology Transfer (2017)”
2017/06/28ARTICLE “Updates on Recent Legal Practices in Vietnam (No. 236): Law Amending and Supplementing a Number of Articles of the Penal Code No. 100/2015/QH13”
2017/06/21ARTICLE “Updates on Recent Legal Practices in Vietnam (No. 235): Decree 61/2017/ND-CP Stipulating the Appraisal of the Reserve Price for Non-Performing Loans”
2017/06/14ARTICLE “Updates on Recent Legal Practices in Vietnam (No. 234): Decree 68/2017/ND-CP Dated 25 May 2017 Regarding Industrial Cluster Management and Development”

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2017/08/21EXTERNAL “The Current Status of Investment in Real Estate in Myanmar and Legal Points to Note for People in Japanese Enterprises in Charge of Investment and Financing”
2017/06/28Hosted / Co-hosted TMI Associates’ special seminar: “Investment Opportunity Knocking Again! – Reviewing Legal Framework and Practical Operations for Investment in Myanmar” [Applications received from June 29, 2017 (Tue) 10:00 a.m.]
2017/07/07EXTERNAL “Notable Points on the Data Privacy Act and the Implementing Rules and Regulations and Responses Thereto”
2017/06/13EXTERNAL “Legal System and the Overseas Expansion of Japanese Companies in Myanmar”
2017/06/24EXTERNAL “[Local Report] Legal Risks in Investing in Vietnam”