Finance Structured Finance

At TMI, more than 30 attorneys with professional knowledge and experience related to finance handle structured finance on a constant basis.  Our structured finance team is one of the main pillars of our firm, and our experience and proven track record have earned us high praise from clients inside and outside Japan.

The strength of our structured finance section is our abundant experience in responding to diverse requests from players in a variety of positions such as domestic and international banks, securities firms, issuers, asset managers, arrangers, trust banks, investors, servicers and rating agencies, and our accumulated know-how was gained from such experience.  In addition, the lineup of attorneys in our structured finance team is the nation’s largest, and we are able to promptly respond to and handle cases of all levels of complexity.
The cases we handle are wide in variety, and we have unrivaled achievements, experience and know-how, rising above other law firms particularly in the securitization of real estate, intellectual property rights, claims and businesses, and their liquidity as well.  Also, we actively get involved with highly novel products and structures that require meticulous preparation.  Further, we also have abundant experience and achievements in providing advice regarding the selection of structured finance schemes such as the GK-TK and TMK schemes, and responding when schemes fail.

Attorneys in our structured finance team have diverse backgrounds, and the fact that we have many attorneys who have secondment experience at the Financial Services Agency, major banks and securities firms, asset management corporations, the Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission, the Financial Instruments Exchange and other organizations, is one of our firm’s features.  In addition, our capability to globally respond to cases fully using our extensive overseas network is also one of our firm’s structured finance team’s strengths.