Tax and Accounting Tax Planning

Tax amounts associated with the investment and economic activity of a company are an essential element in business decisions.

Tax planning is formulating a plan by comparing tax costs among multiple investment schemes and operations, and by minimizing such tax costs.  At TMI, attorneys qualified as accountants and certified public accountants collaborate with our in-house accountants and affiliated accounting firms to provide legal services to corporations involved in cross-border transactions, international investment, transactions with subsidiaries and shareholders, and so on.  Our tax attorneys fully utilize their know-how relating to transfer-pricing, overseas tax credit systems, anti-tax haven taxation, thin-capitalization taxation, tax treaties, decisions regarding permanent establishment (PE) status and withholding location, consolidated tax systems and so on.

Also, in cases involving the succession of business, upon commencement of the inheritance process by owners of businesses and healthcare corporations, inheritance tax becomes one of the biggest problems.  Our firm provides publicly and privately-held businesses and healthcare corporations, which are high risk of paying inheritance tax, with schemes to maximize avoiding inheritance tax and avoiding the taxation settlement system at the time of inheritance.