Tax and Accounting

Tax and accounting are significant issues for corporations and individuals that cannot be avoided.  In resolving any legal issue, tax and accounting should also be considered, otherwise an unexpected tax may be imposed.  At TMI, attorneys qualified as tax accountants and certified public accountants collaborate with attorneys specialized in corporate law and intellectual property to provide you with superior advice.  Also, the former Commissioner of the National Tax Agency and the former Commissioner of the Regional Taxation Bureau are here to handle your tax issues as advisors to help you understand the tax authorities’ ways of thinking.

As for corporate income tax and international tax, which are essential for corporate business activity, we handle a variety of cases involving tax issues including daily tax consultation, global tax planning with affiliated firms inside and outside the country, responding to tax audits in complex cases, tax lawsuits involving tens of billions of yen and so on.  Also, as for inheritance tax and gift tax that concern our clients with high net worth, we aim to reduce taxation risks while minimizing taxation costs by instituting tax strategies utilizing international tax practices and by employing a specialized tax methodology for the succession of business.

TMI has a proven track record in handling audits and tax disputes, such as winning reversals in transfer pricing and inheritance tax audits resulting in billions of yen tax reductions, winning overall victories in actions to vacate administrative orders regarding corporate income tax of billions of yen and so on.  Also, we keep up on the latest domestic and international tax practices through an assignment from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry to conduct research and report on foreign entity taxation, and by having seminars at the Japan Tax Association, and attending international taxation seminars at the IFA (International Fiscal Association) and at the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. 

Tax Planning Tax Disputes