Intellectual Property Trademarks

Significance of Trademarks in Business
Trademarks and brands function to distinguish one’s products and services from those of another and also to identify one’s “symbol.”  Figuratively speaking, they act as a “silent salesman” which embodies the quality of one’s products and services as well as one’s corporate philosophy.  By acquiring proper legal protection and by utilizing trademarks and brands in a proper manner, goodwill for one’s products and services will be acquired.  With the accumulation of corporate effort and passage of time, trademarks and brands can mature into valuable and irreplaceable assets.

Achievements as a Brand Managing Professional
Since TMI’s foundation, legal services related to trademark and brand protection have been one of our major practice areas.  As a result, we have been providing superior services for well-known brands inside and outside of Japan.  Today, we represent many corporations and brands that are very popular in the market such as those related to international fashion apparel, cosmetics, IT, pharmaceuticals, automobiles, foods and sweets, beverages, financial institutions, advertisements, consulting firms and others.  This representation covers business inside and outside Japan.  We also provide legal services related to acquiring, maintaining, managing and enforcing rights.
Trademark Team at TMI
Over 10 patent attorneys well-versed in the domestic and international trademark practice provide a wide range of legal support for clients, such as conducting trademark research, filing applications, acquiring rights, maintaining and managing rights, responding to infringement claims and other related services.  As for use of imitation trademarks, illegal sales and import of counterfeit products, we plan and execute effective anti-counterfeiting strategies with the help of attorneys well- experienced in disputes and trial procedures, by obtaining temporary orders, filing lawsuits and by obtaining injunctive relief at borders.  Also, our strong collaboration with law firms around the world makes us also successful in protecting rights abroad. 

Providing High-Quality Services
The trademark practice requires careful judgment regarding similarity to others’ registered or in use trademarks and trademark distinctiveness.  The precedent for various legal issues, the registration process at the Japan Patent Office and market circumstances are constantly changing.  We consistently gather the latest information with particular sensitivity to changes in the legal practice and standards related to trademarks and intellectual property in general, and share and disseminate such information at in-house workshops, seminars and other venues.  With the “Client First” as our motto, our goal is to obtain ultimate satisfaction for clients by offering practical solutions and providing accurate, prompt and high-quality services in accordance with individual needs in all areas.

Attorneys in this Practice Area

Patent Attorneys in this Practice Area

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