Shipping Safety of ships and marine casualty (Wet shipping)

Advice in times of distress

In addition to disputes concerning dry shipping, dealing with issues regarding the safety of ships (wet shipping) is also an important practice area of our shipping team. In terms of wet shipping, TMI offers legal services not only for investigations and compensations for marine casualties, but also legal advice from various perspectives required in relation to such casualties, such as wreck removal, environmental issues, including oil pollution, general average, contract of salvage and towage, and proceedings for limitation of owner’s liability.


Advice in times of peace

As a signatory of SOLAS and MARPOL 73/78 Convention, etc., Japan has various local regulations on the safety of ships. Even in times of peace when there are no particular casualties, TMI helps clients to secure the safety of the clients’ vessels from the perspective of “shipping compliance”, by advising with regard to the interpretation of treaties and laws and making inquiries to the relevant government authorities.