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2020/01/31ARTICLE “The New Trademark Act in Myanmar and the Protection of Existing Trademarks”
2019/12/27ARTICLE “Intellectual Property Laws and the Seeds of Business ‘Trademark-Related Cases in the General Court of the European Union – The Adidas Judgment’”
2019/03/31ARTICLE “‘Use’ of Marks in the Countries Where Protection Is Sought as a Requirement for the Protection of a Well-Known Mark – Focusing on Case Studies in the U.S. and the EU”
2018/04/16ARTICLE “The IP High Court overturned the JPO’s Trial Board Decision relating to likelihood of confusion with the famous Red Bull mark”
2018/01/21ARTICLE “The Latest Trends in New Types of Marks: Sound Mark Consisting only of Musical Elements Registered for the First Time”
2016/12/07ARTICLE “Japan IP High Court Rules in Favor of Franck Miura over Franck Muller”
ARTICLE “BREXIT – the UK’s Exit from the EU”
2016/05/27BOOK “Professional Practice Regarding Intellectual Property Due Diligence Leading to Successful M&A [3rd Edition]”
2015/12/25ARTICLE “Current Examination of Applications for Non-Traditional Marks”
2015/12/21ARTICLE “Recent Trends of Three-dimensional Trademarks in Japan” and “Recent IP High Court Decisions-IP High Court and District Court Cases in 2014 where Similarity between the Marks Was Discussed”
2015/09/29ARTICLE “Japan Business Review Updated – Trademark Law Update 2015”
2015/03/12ARTICLE “Recent Important Court/TTAB Decisions regarding Trademark Dilution Revision Act”
2014/10/23ARTICLE “Trademark Law Update 2014”
2014/10/31ARTICLE “Investigation into the Trademark Registration of Japanese Geographical Names in Major ASEAN Countries”
2014/07/11ARTICLE “Protection of Trade Name in Asian Countries (Vol.3) (Final Edition)”
2014/06/01ARTICLE “Some practical tips for non-Japanese trade mark applicants seeking to protect trade marks in Japan using the Madrid Protocol”
2014/05/14ARTICLE “Protection of Trade Name in Asian Nations (Part 1)”
2014/04/01ARTICLE “Recent IP High Court Decisions and JPO Appeal/Trial Board Decisions including Opposition Decisions”
2013/07/02ARTICLE “Protection of Colors and Designs under the Trademark Act”
2013/04/05BOOK “Professional Practice Regarding Intellectual Property Due Diligence Leading to Successful M&A [2nd Edition]”

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