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2020/01/21ARTICLE “Targeted Advertising and Privacy Protection Regulations in Japan, the U.S., and Europe (Vol. 1)”
2019/12/27ARTICLE “Intellectual Property Laws and the Seeds of Business ‘Trademark-Related Cases in the General Court of the European Union – The Adidas Judgment’”
2019/11/15ARTICLE “Explanation of the Latest Precedent in WTO Antidumping, etc. (53) – [EU] Relevance between Trade Diversion under Section 232 of the U.S. Trade Expansion Act and Safeguard Investigations”
2019/10/31ARTICLE “Protection of Inventions Carried Out in Space by Way of Patents – Focus on Understanding the Present Situation”
2019/08/29ARTICLE “Droit des marques – Point juridique sur les importations parallèles au Japon”
2019/08/21ARTICLE “Special Project: A Message from Heisei to Reiwa – The Tokyo District Court Decision on the Blue Light-Emitting Diode Patent”
2019/09/21ARTICLE “Outline of the Revised Patent Law: The Creation of the Inspection Certificate System and Review of the Method for Calculating Compensation for Damages”
2019/04/21ARTICLE “Responding to the GDPR and the Act on the Protection of Personal Information following the Adequacy Decision based on the ‘Supplementary Rules’ of the Personal Information Protection Commission”
2019/03/31ARTICLE “‘Use’ of Marks in the Countries Where Protection Is Sought as a Requirement for the Protection of a Well-Known Mark – Focusing on Case Studies in the U.S. and the EU”
2019/03/31ARTICLE “A study on the scope of special care-required personal information: from a discussion in the process of the legislation and the preparation procedure for enforcement regarding information which only lead to a guess of sensitive information”
2019/03/01ARTICLE AI at Work and Legal Issues: Points Which HR Staff Need to be Aware of (Vol. 6) Employee Monitoring and AI (2) – Detecting Misconduct and the Act on the Protection of Personal Information”
2019/02/26ARTICLE “Development of ‘Targeted Ads’ Producing Side Effects: The Ceaseless Quest for Information Accumulation”
2019/02/21ARTICLE “Utilization of Blockchain and Local Currencies”
2019/02/20BOOK “Questions and Answers on Professional Legal Practice Relating to AI and Robots”
2019/01/01ARTICLE AI at Work and Legal Issues: Points Which HR Staff Need to be Aware of (Vol. 4) Recruitment and AI (2) – From the Perspective of Protecting Personal Information”
2018/11/01ARTICLE AI at Work and Legal Issues: Points Which HR Staff Need to be Aware of (Vol. 2) HR Technology”
2018/04/16ARTICLE “The IP High Court overturned the JPO’s Trial Board Decision relating to likelihood of confusion with the famous Red Bull mark”
2018/04/16ARTICLE “First Sound Marks without linguistic elements finally granted in Japan”
2018/05/21ARTICLE “Data Protection Regarding IoT / AI Business and Notable Points under the Antitrust Law (2)”
2018/03/15ARTICLE “The Outline of the Guidelines on Enforcement of the Private Lodging Business Act (the Guidelines)”
2018/02/28ARTICLE “Keeping the TPP alive (Tribal warfare and red-soled heels: 10 big issues in 2018)”
2018/02/23ARTICLE “Law And Practice JAPAN”
2018/02/21ARTICLE “Law And Practice JAPAN”
2018/04/21ARTICLE “Data Protection Regarding IoT / AI Business and Notable Points under the Antitrust Law (1)”
2018/04/21ARTICLE “Data Transfer and Safeguards under the TPP11: Points to Be Considered by Enterprises Revealed by the Basic Agreement”
2018/01/25BOOK “Intellectual Property Strategies for Aggressive Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishery – Towards the Establishment of Japanese Food Brands: Basic Textbook for Intellectual Property for Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishery”
2017/12/21ARTICLE “[Legal Regulations Changed by AI] Civil Liability – AI and Robots and Allocation of Liability / Protection of Big Data, Trained Models and AI Products”
2017/11/27ARTICLE “Round-table Talk: Designing Legal Systems in the World of Autonomous Cars (Vol.2)”
2017/09/28ARTICLE “Development of the Drone Business in Japan and Issues to Be Considered in the Future”
2017/09/29BOOK “Legal Consultation on Trademarks Part I” “Legal Consultation on Trademarks Part II”
2017/09/26BOOK “New Commentary on the Patent Act [Vol.1, 2 and 3]
2017/08/10BOOK “The Dynamic Internet: How Technology, Users, and Businesses are Transforming the Network”
2017/07/01ARTICLE “[IP Judgment Flash Report] Supreme Court Decision Regarding the Maxacalcitol Case”
2017/07/01ARTICLE “Explanation on Important Matters Utilizing IT”
2017/05/26ARTICLE “The Latest Professional Practice Regarding Addressing Cybersecurity in Corporations”
2017/05/26ARTICLE “Digital Community Currencies and Digital Currency Exchange”
2017/05/17ARTICLE “What is ‘Anonymously Processed Information’? – Comprehensive Explanation on Production Standards and Obligations, and Case Studies Thereof”
2017/04/25ARTICLE “[IP Judgment Flash Report] Grand Panel Decision in the Intellectual Property High Court Regarding the Effects of Patent Rights Whose Terms Have Been Extended”
2017/03/25ARTICLE “Introduction for [Feature: Branding Strategies and Utilization of Trademarks]”
2017/03/25ARTICLE “[Feature: Branding Strategies and Utilization of Trademarks] New Trademarks”
2017/03/25ARTICLE “Feature: The Future of Artificial Intelligence and Corporate Legal Work”
2017/02/22ARTICLE “Retweets and Copyrights Therein”
2016/12/27ARTICLE “[IP Judgment Flash Report] Implementation of Use Inventions Relating to Dosage and Administration”
2016/12/20BOOK “Navigating the Digital Age: the Definitive Cybersecurity Guide for Directors and Officers”
2016/12/07ARTICLE “Japan IP High Court Rules in Favor of Franck Miura over Franck Muller”
2016/12/20BOOK “Professional Practices Regarding Laws Relating to Cybersecurity for Companies”
2016/10/15BOOK “New Commentary on the Trademark Act [Vol.1 & 2]”
2016/09/25ARTICLE “Patent Infringement under the Doctrine of Equivalents in the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Fields (Intellectual Property High Court’s Grand Panel Decision on March 25, 2016 for Case No. 2015 (ne) 10014, regarding the manufacturing process of maxacalcitol preparations, etc.)”
2016/09/15BOOK “Research Circle on Intellectual Property Law: Festschrift Commemorating Professor Tatsuki Shibuya”
2016/09/01ARTICLE “The Recent Research Salon at Blockchain Economics Research Lab”
2016/09/01BOOK “Comprehensive List of Intellectual Property Legal Precedents 2014 Vol.2”
2016/09/01ARTICLE “[IP Judgment Flash Report] The Effects of Patent Rights Whose Terms Have Been Extended”
2016/08/10ARTICLE “Updates on Recent Legal Practices in Myanmar: Necessary Measures for Companies in the Event of Unauthorized Use of Their Trademarks – An Overview of the Systems Regarding Intellectual Property in Myanmar”
2016/07/14BOOK “Japan Federation of Bar Associations Library for Training: Various Issues in Modern Legal Practices <2015 Training Version>”
2016/07/01ARTICLE “[IP Judgment Flash Report] Requirements for Equivalents”
2016/07/01BOOK “ANDA Litigation: Strategies and Tactics for Pharmaceutical Patent Litigators, Second Edition”
2016/03/23ARTICLE “New Professional Practice Pioneered by Trusts Vol.2: Copyright Trusts for Electronic Publications – An Explanation of Model Contract Terms and Conditions”
2015/03/01ARTICLE “[IP Judgment Flash Report] The Final Appellate Instance of the Avastin (Bevacizumab) Case”
2015/12/25ARTICLE “Current Examination of Applications for Non-Traditional Marks”
2015/12/21ARTICLE “Recent Trends of Three-dimensional Trademarks in Japan” and “Recent IP High Court Decisions-IP High Court and District Court Cases in 2014 where Similarity between the Marks Was Discussed”
2015/10/01BOOK “Q&A on the Revised Act on the Protection of Personal Information – The Forefront of Legislation for the Protection of Personal Data”
2015/09/29ARTICLE “Japan Business Review Updated – Trademark Law Update 2015”
2015/06/01ARTICLE “How to Ensure Your Company’s Superiority amid the Diversification of Players and Rapid Globalization through the Utilization of Patents”
2015/03/12ARTICLE “Recent Important Court/TTAB Decisions regarding Trademark Dilution Revision Act”
2014/11/25ARTICLE “[IP Judgment Flash Report] Request for Amendment Procedures Based on the Inventor’s Moral Right”
2014/10/28ARTICLE “[IP Judgment Flash Report] Resemblance of 3D Trademarks to Registered Trademarks”
2014/10/16ARTICLE “Effective Use of Patents under Article 102, Japanese Patent Law”
2014/09/26ARTICLE “[IP Judgment Flash Report] ‘Exploiting a Patented Invention’ under Article of the Patent Act”
2014/06/01ARTICLE “Appeal against Decision to Grant a Patent on Procedural Grounds”
2013/09/01ARTICLE “KUMA Trademark Case”
2013/09/01ARTICLE “Special Feature Article: Trends in Enforcement of Standard Essential Patent”
2013/02BOOK “Legal Advice on Software Business”
2011/04/26BOOK “A New Annotated Guide to the Patent Act” (Volumes One and Two)
2010/05/24BOOK “A Professional Dictionary of Intellectual Property Terms (Chiteki-zaisan Purofesshionaru Yogo Jiten)”