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2018/03/15BOOK “Intellectual Property Law”
2018/03/01ARTICLE “[IP Judgment Flash Report] Expressions and Ideas in Architectural Design”
2018/01/01ARTICLE “[Feature] Sports Business and Intellectual Property”
2017/11/29BOOK “Yuhikaku Hanrei Roppo Professional (The Statute and Precedent Professional) (2018 Version)”
2017/09/29BOOK “Legal Consultation on Trademarks Part I” “Legal Consultation on Trademarks Part II”
2017/09/26BOOK “New Commentary on the Patent Act [Vol.1, 2 and 3]
2017/09/01ARTICLE “[IP Judgment Flash Report] The Patent Invalidity Defense and the Defense of Abuse of Right”
2017/08/01ARTICLE “Feature: Modern Issues Relating to Patent Disputes”
2017/07/01ARTICLE “[IP Judgment Flash Report] Supreme Court Decision Regarding the Maxacalcitol Case”
2017/04/25ARTICLE “[IP Judgment Flash Report] Grand Panel Decision in the Intellectual Property High Court Regarding the Effects of Patent Rights Whose Terms Have Been Extended”
2017/03/25ARTICLE “Introduction for [Feature: Branding Strategies and Utilization of Trademarks]”
2017/02/22ARTICLE “Retweets and Copyrights Therein”
2016/12/27ARTICLE “[IP Judgment Flash Report] Implementation of Use Inventions Relating to Dosage and Administration”
2016/11/01ARTICLE “Posting Images of Works of Art in Auction Catalogues”“Introducing the Feature”
2016/10/15BOOK “New Commentary on the Trademark Act [Vol.1 & 2]”
2016/09/15BOOK “Research Circle on Intellectual Property Law: Festschrift Commemorating Professor Tatsuki Shibuya”
2016/09/01ARTICLE “[IP Judgment Flash Report] The Effects of Patent Rights Whose Terms Have Been Extended”
2016/07/01ARTICLE “[IP Judgment Flash Report] Requirements for Equivalents”
2015/05/01ARTICLE “[IP Judgment Flash Report] Displaying Goods at Exhibitions and Regulations on Imitating the Configuration of Goods”
2015/03/01ARTICLE “[IP Judgment Flash Report] The Final Appellate Instance of the Avastin (Bevacizumab) Case”
2015/12/24ARTICLE “Special Feature: Trends and Issues in Intellectual Property Legislation ‘The Intent of the Project’”
2015/12/17BOOK “Commentaries on the Copyright Act Vol.2 [Second Edition]” (This book consists of three volumes.)
2015/12/17BOOK “Commentaries on the Copyright Act Vol.1 [Second Edition]” (This book consists of three volumes.)
2015/12/08ARTICLE “Record of a Lecture: Penal Provisions under the Copyright Act”
2015/10/30ARTICLE “[IP Judgment Flash Report] The Principle of Focusing on Actual Plants in the Plant Variety Protection and Seeds Act”
2015/10/01ARTICLE “Special Feature: Social Trends Surrounding Intellectual Property Disputes – Latest Situations Inside and Outside the Country”
2015/09/29ARTICLE “[IP Judgment Flash Report] Cancellation and Invalidation of Decisions to Grant Patents”
2014/04/28BOOK “Iwanami Lectures: The Dynamics of Contemporary Law Part 4; Changes in the International Community and the Law”
2015/3/27ARTICLE “[IP Judgment Flash Report] Breeder’s Right and the Description of Characteristics in Variety Registration“
2015/01/01ARTICLE “[IP Judgment Flash Report] The Copyrightability of Fashion Shows and the Applicability of the ‘Live Performance Standard’”
2015/01/01ARTICLE “Feature Article: Review on Grand Panel Cases in the Intellectual Property High Court – on the Occasion of the 10th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Grand Panel System”
2014/11/25ARTICLE “[IP Judgment Flash Report] Request for Amendment Procedures Based on the Inventor’s Moral Right”
2014/10/28ARTICLE “[IP Judgment Flash Report] Resemblance of 3D Trademarks to Registered Trademarks”
2014/09/26ARTICLE “[IP Judgment Flash Report] ‘Exploiting a Patented Invention’ under Article of the Patent Act”
2014/06/01ARTICLE “Appeal against Decision to Grant a Patent on Procedural Grounds”
2014/04/21BOOK “Effective for Practice: Selection of Intellectual Property Precedents”
2014/03/28ARTICLE “Inspection Duty of Import Distributors”
2014/01/01ARTICLE “Installation of Structures in the Garden”
2013/12/01ARTICLE “Subject of Reproduction in Book Scanning Agency Service”
2013/11/01ARTICLE “Amount of Damages due to Publicity Infringement”
2013/07/20BOOK “The Copyrights Act in the Cloud Age – Significant Changes in Global Situation”
2013/09/30BOOK “Theory and Issues on Competition Laws – Frontiers of the Antimonopoly Act and Intellectual Property Law – Commemorating 70th Birthday of Professor Akira Negishi”
2013/10/01ARTICLE “Infringement of Author’s Honor and Reputation”
2013/09/01ARTICLE “Aim for Intellectual Property Policies and Rules of General Law”
2013/09/01ARTICLE “KUMA Trademark Case”
2013/09/01ARTICLE “Special Feature Article: Trends in Enforcement of Standard Essential Patent”
2013/08/01ARTICLE “Tokyo District Court Decision on Pioglitazone Patent Lawsuit”
2013/06/27ARTICLE “Presumption under Article 102 Section 2 of the Patent Act”
2013/06/25ARTICLE “Presumption under Article 102 Section 2 of the Patent Act”
2013/05/27ARTICLE “Obligation to Negotiate in Good Faith Under License Agreements with FRAND (Fair, Reasonable, and Non-Discriminatory) Provisions”
2013/05/21ARTICLE “Controversy over Ownership of Employee Inventions Belonging to Corporation”
2013/05/14ARTICLE “The Pioglitazone Case: Precedent which Denied Indirect Infringement of the Medical Combination Patent” (the May 2013 issue of Chizai Kanri)
2013/04/25ARTICLE “Indication of Author’s Name in Edition Published in Parts”
ARTICLE [ARTICLE] Attorney Naoki Koizumi’s lecture entitled “Parody and Copyrights” was published in the April 2013 issue of Monthly Copyrights.
ARTICLE [ARTICLE] Attorney Naoki Koizumi’s commentary on a judicial precedent entitled “Parody of Book Jacket” was published in the April 2013 issue of Jurist.
ARTICLE [ARTICLE] Attorney Naoki Koizumi’s article on judicial precedent entitled “District Court Decision on Patent Litigation over Replaceable Cassette of the Treatment Container of Dirty Disposable Diaper” was published in March 2013 issue of Jurist.
2013/02BOOK “Legal Advice on Software Business”
ARTICLE Attorney Naoki Koizumi’s commentary on a judicial precedent was published in the February 2013 issue of Jurist.
BOOK “The Patent Act and the Copyright Act”
BOOK Attorney Naoki Koizumis collaborative work was published.

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2018/04/21ARTICLE “JAPAN LEGAL TECHNOLOGY CONFERENCE 2017 REPORT – Responsibilities and Issues Borne by the Management in Information Leakage Incidents”
2017/12/21ARTICLE “Looking into the Popular Seminar at the University of Tokyo Graduate Schools for Law and Politics: The Business of a General Trading Company and the Roles of Its Legal Department”
2017/12/05BOOK “Corporate Legal Affairs As Learned Through Professional Practice – From Lectures at the University of Tokyo Graduate Schools for Law and Politics”
2017/11/29BOOK “Yuhikaku Hanrei Roppo Professional (The Statute and Precedent Professional) (2018 Version)”
2017/07/21ARTICLE “The Recent Discussion on Ridesharing and Carsharing – Focusing on Ensuring Safety”
2017/01/23ARTICLE “[Horizon] Venture Companies Should Be Better Armed from a Legal Perspective”
2016/12/20BOOK “Professional Practices Regarding Laws Relating to Cybersecurity for Companies”
2016/08BOOK “Handbook for Personal Information Management”
2016/06/25ARTICLE “Recent Scandals Involving Big Companies and Issues of Governance Reform”
2016/06/14ARTICLE “Extraterritorial Application May Lead to Large Penalties – The Overview of the EU General Data Protection Regulations and Matters that Japanese Companies Must Respond to”
2016/04/21ARTICLE “Legal Departments Established from Scratch – Consideration of Functions and Roles of Legal Departments/Round-table Talk – How We Overcame Difficulties in Establishing the Legal Department”
2015/11/24ARTICLE “Negotiations after the Outbreak of Conflict with Clients”
2015/11/24ARTICLE “Points to Consider in Negotiations According to Types of Contract Clauses”
2015/11/15ARTICLE “Abuse of Superior Bargaining Positions and Compliance – From the Toys“R”Us Case”
20015/10/13BOOK “Understand the System in 30 Minutes! 30 Q&As on the ‘My Number’ System with Graphical Explanations”
ARTICLE “New Method of Venture Financing – the Present Situation and the Future Prospects of Equity Crowdfunding in Japan and the U.S.”
2015/06/25ARTICLE “An Explanation on the Amendments to the Order for Enforcement of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, etc. – in Connection with the 2014 Amendments to the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, etc. (Those to be Enforced Within One Year)”
2015/05/26ARTICLE “Building the Foundation for the Utilization of Big Data – Amendments to the Personal Information Protection Law”
2015/01/30BOOK “Article-by-article Explanations of the 2014 Amendments to the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act”
2014/10/1701ARTICLE “A Review of the Issuance and Continuous Disclosure System Concerning Specific Securities”
2014/09/05ARTICLE “A Review on the Securement of Market Reliability”
2014/07/15BOOK “Law as a Matter of Business Practice”
2014/04/25ARTICLE “Review on Issuance or Continued Disclosure Regulations, etc. on Specified Securities, Strengthening of Financing Equity Fund by Banks, etc., and Reviewing Asset Management Regulations Based on AIJ Investment Advisory Case”
March 26, 2014BOOK “Bible for Preservative Attachment and Debt Collection – Basic Preparation and Emergency Response”
ARTICLE “International investment – Welcome in France”
2013/01/23ARTICLE “Points to Consider in the Process of Provisional Attachment in Emergency Situations”
2009/02~2013/01ARTICLE “Legal Lessons Useful for Employee Training” (Koho Kaigi 2009/02~2013/01)
2012/08/29BOOK “How to Read and Prepare Agreements”
2011/01/14BOOK “Q&A: A Detailed Explanation on the Practice of Adjustments in Closing Accounts”
2010/12ARTICLE “The Details and the Prospects of the Corporate Legal System Revised by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry” MARR, 2010.12