Teams with a High Degree of rofessionalism in a Wide Range of Fields : Attorneys, patent attorneys and advisors with a high level of expertise and experience work at TMI, sharing their skill and know-how with our clients.  For every case, attorneys, patent attorneys and the like comprise original teams to provide you with high-quality services which best suit your needs.

Alphabetical List


Partners (Attorneys) Partners (Patent Attorneys) Counsel (Attorneys) Counsel (Patent Attorneys)
Partners (Regional) Associates (Attorneys) Associates (Patent Attorneys) Special Counsel
Advisors (Attorneys) Advisors (Patent Attorneys) Foreign Law Counsel Foreign Attorneys
Advisors Contract Patent Attorneys

Practice Areas

Corporate Law General Corporate Legal Practice / M&A / Alliances / Corporate Governance / Assistance in Establishing New Businesses and IPO / Consumer-Related Laws / Franchise
Finance Corporate Finance / Structured Finance / Project Finance / Securitization, Liquidation and REIT / Derivative Transactions
Intellectual Property Copyright / Patents / Trademarks / Unfair Competition / Designs / Media, Entertainment and Sports / IT and Communications Matters / IP Transactions / IP Strategies
Risk Management Public Relations Legal Practice / Crisis Management / Company Fraud Investigation / Dealing with Antisocial Forces
Business Turnaround and Bankruptcy Civil Rehabilitation and Corporate Reorganization / Bankruptcy and Special Liquidation / Voluntary Liquidation and ADR for Business Turnaround / DES and DDS / DIP Financing / Public Assistance for Turnarounds
Litigation and Other Forms of Dispute Resolution Commercial Litigation / Intellectual Property Litigation and Trials / Tax Disputes / Criminal Law / Administrative Disputes / International Litigation, Arbitration, Mediation and ADR / Consumer Relations
Tax and Accounting Tax Planning
Antitrust Law, Anti-monopoly Law and Competition Law Cartels, Bid Rigging and International Cartels / Monopolization, Abuse of a Dominant Position and Designation of Unfair Trade Practices / Merger Control / The Subcontract Act / The Act against Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Representations
Labor and Employment Law Establishment and Operation of the Personnel System / Labor and Employment Due Diligence in M&A and IPOs / Response to Labor Tribunals and Formal Lawsuits / Collective Bargaining / Immigration-Related Matters / Dealing with the Labor Standards Inspection Office
Real Estate Real Estate Investment / Development / Construction and Building Litigation
Environment and Energy Solar Power and Other Sources of Natural Energy / Soil Contamination / Chemical Regulation and Waste Disposal / Electricity Industry
Shipping Carriage of goods by sea (Dry shipping) / Safety of ships and marine casualty (Wet shipping) / Shipping finance
International Practice China / Asia / French Legal Practice / International Trade and Investment Practice / Other International Practice
Industry Coverage Brands / Pharmaceuticals, Medical Care, Health Care and Biotechnology / IT and Communications Matters / Banking, Securities, Insurance and Trusts / Funds / Human Resources, Education and Welfare / Emerging Companies
Business Succession and Inheritance Business Succession / Inheritance / Drafting Wills / Agreement on Division of Estates