Practice Area


Legal Training and Research Institute of the Supreme Court of Japan (1993-1995)
Chuo University (LL.B., 1989)


Japan (2007)


TMI Associates (Partner, 2007-Present)
Judge, Tokyo District Court (2006-2007)
Public Prosecutor, Ministry of Justice Civil Affair Station (1999-2006)
Assistant Judge, Tokyo District Court (1998-1999)
Canon Inc. (1997-1998)
Assistant Judge, Tokyo District Court (1997)
Assistant Judge, Osaka District Court (1995-1997)


Japanese / English


Daiichi Tokyo Bar Association

Articles & Publications

2019/07/01 BOOK “Lecture on the Modern Contract Act: Specific Theory 3”
2019/05/25 ARTICLE “The Lifting of the Ban on Information Services on the Main Bodies of Banks and the Information Banks”
2017/11/01 ARTICLE “Professional Practices in Finance after Amendments to the Civil Law”
2017/09/13 BOOK “100 Questions and Answers on Professional Practices in Finance Changed by Amendments to the Civil Law”
2016/10/15 BOOK “Behind the Laws of Japan”
2015/12/04 BOOK “The Bankruptcy Act (with Notes) [Vol.1]”
2015/03/09 ARTICLE “Practical Explanations of the Latest M&A Precedents Vol. 15; Standing to Sue and Grounds for Retrial relating to Claims for Retrial against Final and Binding Judgments of Claims Seeking Nullification of the Issuance of New Shares”
2015/01/10 BOOK “Casebook of Civil Procedure Laws of Japan”
2014/11/30 BOOK “A Systematic Outline of the Bankruptcy Law, Volume 1 – Bankruptcy Proceedings Law”
2014/11/19 BOOK “Q&A Regarding the Amendment to the Law of Obligations; Evolving Financial Transactions”
2014/11/05 BOOK “150 Agendas in Revising the Insolvency Law”
ARTICLE “Q&As on the Amended Companies Act and How to Deal with them in Legal Practice I – Amended Clauses related to Corporate Governance”
2014/05/30 BOOK “Destinations of Corporate Court Case Theory”
2014/04/25 ARTICLE “Advisability on Exercise of Obligee’s Right to Demand Rescission of Fraudulent Act by Remaining Creditors in Incorporation-type Company Split (ARA Collection Company Case)”
2013/11/10 ARTICLE “The Effect that the Supreme Court Judgment of September 4, 2013 Regarding Inheritance of a Child Born Outside of Marriage Has on Life Insurance Practice”
2013/09/26 BOOK “Specialized Lawsuit Lecture (Vol. 7): Corporate Lawsuits –Litigation, Non-contentious Case, Provisional Injunction”
2011/07/31 BOOK “Legal Consultation for Companies Regarding the Earthquake Disaster and Recovery from the Disaster -Based on the Experiences of the Great East Japan Earthquake-”
2010/12/06 BOOK “Collection: Circulation Management and Collection Proceedings Series, New Edition” Kinzai Institute for Financial Affairs, Inc, 2010.12.06

Other Articles & Publications

  • “Indispensable for Business Practices: Attachment of Deposits,” (Co-Author), Kinzai Institute for Financial Affairs, Inc. 2012
  • “A New Annotated Guide to the Patent Act (Volumes One and Two),” (Co-Author), Seirin Shoin, 2011

Seminars & Lectures