Practice Area


Vietnam Foreign Trade University (Complete course of the “WTO law and application in Vietnam” )(2011)
Legal Training and Research Institute of the Supreme Court of Japan (2003-2004)
Keio University (LL.B., 1997)


Vietnam (2011)
Japan (2004)


TMI Associates (Associate, 2012-2015; Partner (Regional - Cambodia), 2016-Present)
Lecturer at Royal University of Law and Economics (Cambodia) (2014-Present)
TMI SOHGOH Ltd. (Cambodia) (2014-Present)
Lecturer at Ho Chi Minh City University of Law (2013-2014)
TMI Associates Ho Chi Minh City Office (2012-2014)
Baker & McKenzie (Gaikokuho Joint Enterprise) (Formerly known as Tokyo Aoyama Aoki Law Office) (Associate, 2004-2012)


Japanese / English / Vietnamese / Khmer


Foreign Registered Lawyer in Vietnam (2011)
Daiichi Tokyo Bar Association

Articles & Publications

2017/03/01 ARTICLE “Japanese Translation of Cambodia’s Trade Union Law”
2016/08/01 ARTICLE “[Cambodia] New Trade Union Law”
2016/01/15 ARTICLE “Outline of Legislation for Investment and M&A in Cambodia [Vol.2]”
2015/12/15 ARTICLE “Outline of Legislation for Investment and M&A in Cambodia [Vol.1]”
2015/07/23 ARTICLE “The Legal System Surrounding Real Estate in Cambodia – a Brief Summary of, and Legal Practice Relating to, the Restrictions on Foreign Companies Regarding the Registration System and Acquisition of Real Estate”
2014/07/11 ARTICLE “Protection of Trade Name in Asian Countries (Vol.3) (Final Edition)”
2014/03/12 ARTICLE “Circular No. 34/2013/TT-NHNN on the issuance of valuable papers by credit institutions and foreign bank branches”
2014/02/12 ARTICLE “Circular 37/2013/TT-NHNN providing implementation guidance for some contents of foreign exchange control for overseas lending and guaranteed debt collection from non-residents”
2014/02/10 ARTICLE “Legal Systems in Various Asian Countries Related to Debt-Collection”
2014/01/22 ARTICLE “Law on Land No. 45/2013/QH13-(3) Evaluation of Land Price”
2014/01/15 ARTICLE “Law on Land No. 45/2013/QH13-(2) Land Recovery by the State”
2014/01/08 ARTICLE “Law on Land No. 45/2013/QH13-(1) Rights and Duties of Foreign Invested Enterprises”
2013/12/25 ARTICLE “Decree 187/2013/ND-CP providing details of implementation of Commercial Law on activities of international purchase and sale of goods, agencies for purchase or sale, processing and transit of goods involving foreign parties”
2013/12/18 ARTICLE “Decree 181/2013/ND-CP on providing detailed regulations for implementation of Law on Advertising”
2013/12/11 ARTICLE “Decree No. 155/2013/ND-CP on administrative penalties applicable to breaches of regulations in respect of planning and investment”
2013/12/04 ARTICLE “Updates on Recent Legal Practices in Vietnam (No.72): Decree No. 154/2013/ND-CP on IT Industrial Parks”
2013/11/27 ARTICLE “Updates on Recent Legal Practices in Vietnam (No.71): Prime Minister’s Decision No.63/2013/QD-TTg Regarding Electricity Market Formation Roadmap”
2013/11/20 ARTICLE “Updates on Recent Legal Practices in Vietnam (No.70): Circular by Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs to Provide Guidelines for Enforcing Provisions in Labor Code Regarding Labor Contracts”
2013/11/13 ARTICLE “Updates on Recent Legal Practices in Vietnam (No.69): Decree on penalties for administrative offences regarding tax and compulsory enforcement of administrative tax decisions”
2013/11/06 ARTICLE “Updates on Recent Legal Practices in Vietnam (No.68): Circular by Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs on Foreign Investments and Cooperation in Area of Job Training”
2013/11/01 ARTICLE “Summary and Latest Trends of Cambodian Labor Law Systems”
2013/09/01 ARTICLE “Explanation on Vietnamese Business Legal Practice Latest Trend on Labor Law: Focusing on Revised Points in New Labor Law Enacted on May 1, 2013”
2013/08/28 ARTICLE “Commentary on Contract Law and Dispute Resolution Procedure: Outline of Court Procedures (Vol.4)”
2013/07/17 ARTICLE “Outline of Court Procedures (Vol.2)”
2013/07/03 ARTICLE “Outline of Court Procedures (Vol.1)”
2013/05/24 ARTICLE “Overseas Legal Practice News: From Myanmar ‘Outline of Labor Law in Myanmar and Legal Updates’”

Seminars & Lectures

2019/03/15EXTERNAL “Seminar on Labor Issues in Cambodia”
2018/12/18EXTERNAL “The Revised Labor Law”
2018/12/07EXTERNAL “[Presented by JETRO and PF Coordinators] Seminar on Developing Overseas Distribution Channels”
2018/09/07EXTERNAL “Meeting of Japanese Enterprises in Bavet (September): Seminar on Tax and Labor Issues”
2018/09/06EXTERNAL “Updates on Recent Legal Issues”
2018/08/31EXTERNAL “Seminar on the Basics of Labor Issues and the Latest Trends in Labor-Related Laws”
2018/03/06EXTERNAL “The State of the Law in Cambodia”
2018/03/02EXTERNAL “JBAC Seminar on Labor Issues: ‘The A to Z of Labor Issues’”
2017/12/07EXTERNAL “Seminar on Labor Issues in Poi Pet”
2017/11/08EXTERNAL “Seminar on Legal Work in Relation to Labor Issues”
2017/09/01EXTERNAL “Recent Updates to the Laws and Regulations”
2017/08/25EXTERNAL “Q&As on Professional Practices Related to Labor Issues in Cambodia”
2017/03/10EXTERNAL “Seminar Hosted by JBAC Labor Committee
2017/02/15EXTERNAL “JETRO’s Platform Business to Support Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Expanding Overseas – Seminar on the Basics of Labor and Tax Issues Held by Coordinator of the JETRO”
2017/01/20EXTERNAL “[World Business Festa 2017] Seminar & Consultation on Overseas Expansion and Importing: Latest Information on the Business Environment in Cambodia – From the Perspective of Increasing Transparency in Administrative Procedures”
2016/12/14EXTERNAL “Seminar for Development in Overseas Markets – Held by Coordinators at JETRO (Targeting Participants at Exhibitions and People Considering Engaging in Import and Export Businesses)”
2016/12/05EXTERNAL “Cambodian Labor Laws Gleaned from the Model Working Rules”
2016/08/08EXTERNAL “Labor and Tax Affairs”
2016/03/24EXTERNAL “Are You Conforming to Various Compliance Regulations under Cambodian Law? – Leaving Everything to Your Staff Might Be Risky?!”
2015/12/17EXTERNAL “Legal Points to Bear in Mind in Cambodia Recently”
2013/12/19EXTERNAL “Points to Avoid Business Troubles in Vietnam – From the Cases of Japanese Corporation Expanding Abroad”
2013/12/12EXTERNAL “M&As in Myanmar”
2013/11/27EXTERNAL “Match Up Project by Global Corporations and Middle Innovators: ‘Seminar for Expatriate Employees on Personnel, Labor, Legal Management’”
2013/08/30EXTERNAL “Explanation on Issues, Preventive Measures and Solutions Related to Investment, Joint Venture, M&A, Dispute, Labor, Bribery, etc. in Vietnam by an Attorney”
2013/07/10EXTERNAL “Seminar Supporting Overseas Operations for Small and Medium Sized-Enterprises (Vietnam): ‘Issues and Points to Consider when Operating a Business in Vietnam’”
2013/06/05Hosted / Co-hosted TMI Associates’ Special Seminar “Explanations on Points to Consider on Vietnamese Intellectual Property Laws (IP Laws) and Information Technology Laws (IT Laws)”