Establishment of London Office

Our firm will establish TMI Associates London LLP at the end of January 2018, which was duly authorized by the UK authority in December 2017.

English law has continued to hold a pivotal position as the law governing international agreements and disputes.  Additionally, for the purpose of supporting strategic managerial decisions made by Japanese enterprises operating their businesses in Europe in relation to the recent issue of the UK’s departure from the EU (Brexit), the need to transmit timely information on European legal circumstances has been growing.

With an aim to support Japanese enterprises operating in Europe, TMI Associates will establish its new office in London, England, which is a centre of Common Law, and will provide advice in Japanese based on the latest real-world situation.

Japanese attorney (bengoshi) and solicitor Kenichi Kinukawa, who has resided in London for almost 12 years, will be a resident representative of the London office. He has gained practical experience after working at the Embassy of Japan in UK for three years and after being seconded to a law firm in London for nine years, as well as having obtained qualification as a solicitor in England and Wales.  In order to respond to a wide variety of Japanese enterprises’ needs, he intends to familiarize the new office in London and establish its reliability by cooperating with local law firms.

In 2018, by challenging the new stage of expanding into Europe, TMI Associates is ready to quickly respond to global business needs held by both Japanese and foreign enterprises, and endeavors to enhance its legal services.  We sincerely ask for your continuous cooperation.

[Outline of the London Office]
Name: TMI Associates London LLP
Representative: Kenichi Kinukawa, Attorney
Address:CityPoint, One Ropemaker Street,
              London EC2Y 9SS, United Kingdom
Date of Establishment:January 31, 2018 (Tentative)