We are pleased to welcome new Advisor, Kiyoshi Shimizu to TMI Associates.

TMI Associates welcomed Mr.Kiyoshi Shimizu as an Advisor attorney on April 1, 2018. Below is a comment by Mr. Shimizu.


I have recently joined TMI Associates as an advisor attorney.

After graduating university in 1975, I joined the Education Ministry (now the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) and was in charge of the fields of education, academics and technology until my retirement in 2012.  Such fields cover local educational administration including boards of education, authorization of textbooks, education and research at universities and graduate schools, as well as planning policies, developing systems, budgeting, providing support and aid, and coordinating the same with regard to research and development, etc. in the fields of life sciences, materials, information, etc.

The fields of higher education, and research and development accounted for nearly half of my service.  Just at the turning point of the era, I had been involved in issues in relation to graduate schools, evaluation of universities, incorporation, integration and reorganization of national universities, development of peta-scale computers, etc. Particularly, preparation of the policy for compensation for the nuclear accidents and establishment of dispute resolution centers forced me to make decisions on the fly, which was a valuable experience for me.

Now, working at a university, I am organizing the impact of various reforms and systemic revisions, and issues and problems to be solved.  At the same time, I aim to realize universities as the very basis for the “knowledge-based society,” and hope to be able be of help not only for issues in relation to reorganization and people involved with universities and higher education, but also for people involved with schools in a broader sense.

As an attorney, I would like to make the best effort for clients.  I am looking forward to working with all of you.